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Elgato’s Stream Deck Mk.2 is 20% off through Feb. 6

You can get one for $119.99, matching the lowest price yet

The Elgato Stream Deck Mk.2 control center is shown
You can choose between a black or white Stream Deck Mk.2, and get a free swappable faceplate while you’re at it.
Image: Corsair via Polygon

The Elgato Stream Deck Mk.2 is like a programmable command center for your PC setup, and now might be the right time to buy one since it’s 20 percent off through Monday, Feb. 6. This USB-powered gadget for PC and Mac has 15 buttons that can customized with Elgato’s vast library of creator and productivity-focused plug-ins. Each button has a little LCD screen that changes dynamically depending on your plug-in and can animate, which is cool.

It is available exclusively through Elgato’s site for $119.99 when you enter the offer code TEAMS used at checkout, matching its lowest price ever. Upon clicking this link, you’ll be asked if you want a swappable faceplate with purchase (make sure both the Stream Deck and faceplate are checked to add both to your cart). These normally cost $9.99 each, but the price will drop down to just a penny.

To just skirt the surface of what the Stream Deck can do, streamers can assign buttons to swap cameras, transition, and display some on-screen graphics on-the-fly in OBS Studio. It’s also handy for simple stuff, like having a button to quickly mute or unmute in a Zoom video call. There are experimental plug-ins, too, like dddice, which lets you roll dice in your D&D campaigns via Roll20.

If you want to hear some people who aren’t streamers gush about why they love using the Stream Deck, check out these posts from The Verge’s David Pierce and Dan Seifert.

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