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These new Zelda-themed Switch accessories can glow in the dark

Link’s silhouette is surrounded by glowing Sheikah crests

The PDP Rematch wired Nintendo Switch controller is shown. Of the controller’s many different color schemes and designs, this one is of PDP’s Sheikah Shoot, which shows a silhouette of Link surrounded by blue Sheikah crests that glow in the dark.
Here’s how the PDP Rematch with the Sheikah Shoot design looks.
Image: Performance Designed Products LLC/Nintendo

Companies outside of Nintendo are showing their hype for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with new Switch accessories. One such third-party company, PDP, just launched some today that caught my eye. Its $27.99 Rematch wired controller has a fetching design, with a silhouette of Link in the middle surrounded by some dazzling and familiar Sheikah iconography. After you expose it to light, the blue design traced around the controller can glow in the dark.

Outside of the design, the wired controller packs in some interesting features that you won’t find included with Nintendo’s pricier Switch Pro wireless controller. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired listening (you can adjust the volume directly on the controller, two customizable back paddles, and a grippy texture around the hand grips. It’s not a bad value for the price, however it lacks rumble and amiibo support.

PDP also made a $19.99 Travel Case for the Nintendo Switch to match, featuring an identical design that also glows in the dark. It’s called a “semi-hard” case, and its mesh pocket can carry a small amount of games and accessories. The inside of the case can serve as a stand for the Switch, too.

Both products are available now through PDP’s site, and the company told Polygon that other retailers will have these products in stock later this spring.

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