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Keychron’s mice and keyboards are up to 35% off right now

For its birthday, the company is marking down a bunch of accessories through April 7

A stock image showing Keychron keyboards in various states of disassembly
Many of Keychron’s enthusiast-level keyboards are currently on sale.
Image: Keychron
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Keychron is currently having a sale in celebration of its sixth birthday that runs through April 7. This gives you the opportunity to save up to 35% on a wide variety of products on its site, ranging from its renowned mechanical keyboards and mice to switches and other accessories. If you’re feeling a little daunted by the massive selection of goods on sale, we've picked out a handful of goodies that we think are particularly worthy of your attention.

Keychron keyboards deals

All of the keyboards mentioned here are available to be shipped fully assembled in a variety of color, switch type, and keycap style combinations. However, you can also get them shipped as barebones kits if you already have a favorite set of switches or keycaps you’d like to port over.

For something a little bit different than your average keyboard layout, check out the Keychron Q10 Alice layout keyboard, which is currently on sale for $194 (normally $215). The Alice layout splits a regular layout down the middle and tilts both sections inward for a more ergonomic experience. The inputs and RGB lighting for the Q10 can be easily reprogrammed using Keychron’s Chromium browser-based VIA utility. And, just like all of Keychron’s keyboards, the Q10 features a hot-swappable PCB that makes it easy to replace switches.

If you’re partial to the ergonomic Alice layout, but would prefer to spend a little less, Keychron also offers a barebones kit called the Keychron V10. The V10 shares many of the same features as the Q10, but instead uses a translucent plastic housing. Normally $84, you can pick up the barebones version for $75.60 during the sale.

For a more conventional layout, you can find the Keychron Q1 QMK V2 fully assembled for $161.10 instead of its usual $179. The 75-percent layout keeps the directional arrows and function row from the full-size Q1, but ditches the number pad.

For a wireless, 65-percent option with even fewer keys, the Keychron K6 Pro is on sale for $101.15 instead of $119. The compact keyboard features RGB backlighting, an aluminum housing, and is compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices via Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. Its smaller size will give you back some of your desk space.

Keychron mice deals

The black and white versions of the wired Keychron M1 Ultralight mouse are currently on sale for $27.30 (normally $39). The 68-gram mouse is equipped with a 16K DPI sensor and RGB lighting along the sides. The M1 isn’t particularly feature-packed when compared to other top-tier gaming options from Logitech or Razer, but you’ll probably have a tough time finding a worthy competitor for less than $30.

Keychron switch deals

Switches are an essential purchase if you’re building your own mechanical keyboard from scratch, or with a barebones kit. Keychron offers a wide variety of linear, tactile, and clicky switches from a number of manufacturers, and many of them are on sale right now.

Most of Keychron’s switch sets come in lots of 110 individual switches in their own screw-top tube for easy storage, but some versions only come in bundles of 35. Below is a list of some options that are on sale.

Keychron keycap deals

A new set of keycaps is a great way to give your favorite keyboard a fresh coat of paint. Each of the PBT keycap sets outlined below are available for a variety of layouts and can be used with just about any Cherry, Gateron, or Kalih switch.

Keychron accessory deals

  • Keychron makes wooden and resin-based palm rests in a variety of shapes and sizes to go with its keyboards. While the prices for the wooden palm rest can vary depending on your selected size, some versions have been discounted to $20 (normally $25). However, the black resin palm rest is on sale for just $24 from its usual $30 price, regardless of which size you pick.
  • Normally $25, Keychron’s premium, coiled and braided USB cables are on sale for just $20. Each colorful cable uses a USB-C to USB-C connection but also includes a USB-A adapter for broader compatibility.
  • Keychron’s switch storage solution is nothing short of genius. It’s storage for your switches that looks like a giant switch! The translucent, flip-top container is a great novelty item, but also extremely practical for anyone that obsessively collects different switches. Better yet, it’s only $8.

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