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The new Creamsicle-colored Xbox controller is available for pre-order

This $69.99 controller looks like summer, and I want to eat it

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A stock photo of a hand holding the special edition OPI Xbox Controller Image: Microsoft / OPI

It’s not often that I want to taste a controller just by looking at it, but the Sunkissed Vibes OPI special edition Xbox controller is radiating Creamsicle energy. The new $69.99 special edition controller is currently available to pre-order at Target and the Microsoft Store, with shipments starting on May 9.

The new Sunkissed Vibes controller is inspired by OPI’s Make the Rules Summer collection. The controller itself is functionally identical to other Xbox wireless controllers that cost $10 to $20 less, but its distinct pastel orange color, plus its coral and aqua accents, might be worth the extra cost.

Having a nail polish brand like OPI collaborate on gaming peripherals might sound strange, but this is far from OPI’s first foray into gaming. At Microsoft, Master Chief’s armor in Halo Infinite could be customized with new colors when you bought bottles of OPI nail polish. OPI has also teamed up with brands like PowerA, Otterbox, and 8Bitdo to bring its vivid color selection to controllers and other accessories, which we’ve linked to below.

Personally, I’m all about manufacturers adopting a more eccentric palette for peripherals that depart from the typical reds, blacks, and neon greens that have long dominated the space.

If you’re digging the looks being served by the new Sunkissed Vibes controller, but aren’t about spending $70, you can find the aforementioned OPI collaborations, including wired PowerA Xbox controllers, an Otterbox controller skin, and the 8BitDo wired Xbox controller that premiered last year.

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