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Call of Duty: The Board Game has launched on Kickstarter

Players can pledge cash to reserve a discounted copy

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A stock image of the box of Call of Duty: The Board Game Image: Arcane Wonders
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The Kickstarter campaign for Call of Duty: The Board Game has launched. If funded, the game is expected in Q4 2024. Developer and manufacturer Arcane Wonders is running its campaign through Aug. 22, and it hopes to secure a minimum of $75,000 to proceed with the project. Arcane Wonders previously launched games like Air, Land & Sea, Sheriff of Nottingham and Mage Wars: Arena. The developer has also had previous success with Kickstarter, raising just shy of $1 million for its Foundations of Rome Expansion, Roads of Fortune.

Like the video games, Call of Duty: The Board Game can be played as a competitive or cooperative experience. Players take control of operators on a flat map that emphasizes smart use of your chosen equipment and skills, in addition to an arsenal of killstreaks to eliminate your opponent. The base game is designed for two players but can include up to four by combining multiple sets.

A stock photo of the Call of Duty: The Board Game prototype Image: Activision / Arcane Wonders

A pledge of $49 gets you access to the core game experience, which comes packaged with everything you need for a 1v1 match. Arcane Wonders has mentioned that this set is similar to what we can expect from the retail version, but at a slightly discounted price. The core box is available in two versions, the red box includes pre-painted miniatures of Shepherd and Ghost to use on the Shoothouse map, while the blue box features Price and Makarov on the Killhouse map.

Additional bonus items are also available at higher tiers for anyone willing to contribute to the stretch goals of the campaign. A $99 pledge gets you access to the collector’s edition of the game, which includes both the red and blue core box content, all contained in a slick premium storage box. It even includes an exclusive in-game weapon skin for Call of Duty: Warzone.

A stock photo of prototyped cards used in Call of Duty: The Board Game Image: Activision / Arcane Wonders

If you want to pledge $249, you’ll get access to the deluxe bundle, which includes everything you get with the collector’s edition, in addition to the first six expansion boxes. Arcane Wonders hasn’t set a launch window for post-release content yet, but the expansions will feature an assortment of additional equipment and operator minis. You’ll also get more maps that allow the game to support up to six players.

Backers at all tiers can also sign up for notifications to get a K-9 unit promotional mini and killstreak to be included with their copy of the game following launch.

A stock photo of the K-9 unit miniature featured in Call of Duty: The Board Game Image: Arcane Wonders

The $600 final tier is limited to ten backers, but those ten will get the opportunity to work with the design team to publish a custom card as part of the final product, in addition to everything included with the deluxe bundle.

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