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Mortal Kombat 1 for PC is $10 off to pre-order at multiple retailers

The cheapest price available for NetherRealm Studio’s upcoming game

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Kenshi attacks Liu Kang in Johnny Cage’s house stage in a screenshot from Mortal Kombat 1 Image: NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros. Games
Cameron Faulkner (he/him) is Polygon’s commerce editor. He began writing about tech and gaming in 2013, and migrated from The Verge in 2023.

You could shell out $69.99 for a digital copy of Mortal Kombat 1 when it launches on Sept. 19, but if you’re gaming on a PC, you don’t have to. Here’s your reminder that retailers like Newegg and Green Man Gaming are knocking $10 off pre-orders for the the Windows PC via Steam version of the upcoming fighting game reboot.

At Newegg, you’ll need to enter the code PPXDSEP to see the price drop by 15% at checkout. A pre-order discount that beats Newegg’s deal by a whopping 50 cents is already in effect over at Green Man Gaming, and no offer code is necessary to save some money. Green Man Gaming is also offering 15% off the premium edition of the game, which grants players 5 days of early access in addition to some in-game cosmetics and currency.

NetherRealm Studios, the game’s developer, hasn’t shared whether Mortal Kombat 1 will be verified for Steam Deck at launch. But regardless of what device you run it on, it’s going to require 100 GB of storage space, continuing the trend of gigantic game install sizes. I’d expect nothing less than an SSD Fatality from this game.

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