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The Lego Venator Attack Cruiser lands on Oct. 4

The $649.99 set is the fourth-largest ship in the Lego Star Wars Armada

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A stock photo of the fully assembled Lego Venator on a kitchen counter Image: Lego
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The latest Star Wars Lego set is a massive version of the Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser. Priced at $649.99, Lego Insider members will have priority access to this new set starting on Oct. 1, with the set becoming available to the general public on Oct. 4 exclusively from the Lego Store.

If you’d like to get first stab at this set and other Lego Store exclusives, you can join the Lego Insiders program for free. Formerly the Lego VIP program, you’ll get access to Lego Store-exclusive sets like the Venator and accumulate rewards points for purchases made at the Lego Store in addition to exclusive promotions and free gifts.

The Lego Venator measures 43 inches from stem to stern, is composed of 5,374 individual pieces, and includes minifigs of Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen. The size of this set makes the Lego Venator the fourth-largest Star Wars Lego set to date.

The Venator resembles a proto-Star Destroyer, and was the workhorse of the Clone Wars. While this set lacks the Venator’s retractable dorsal blast doors, the model is still brimming with details. Along the surface, you’ll find individual turbolaser batteries, and hangar access doors on the port and starboard, complete with a miniature Republic Gunship for scale.

A closeup photo of the left hangar port of the Lego Venator Image: Lego

If you’re a fan of that Clone Wars aesthetic, here are some of the other prequel-era vehicles that have received the Lego treatment including the Republic Gunship, and the AT-TE Walker.

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