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The $599.99 Asus ROG Ally is now available from Best Buy

This version uses the slightly less powerful AMD Z1 processor

a rainy street scene in Forza Horizon 5 running on an Asus ROG Ally gaming handheld, lying on olive green fabric, photographed from above Photo: Chris Plante/Polygon
Alice Newcome-Beill (she/her) is a commerce writer, and she has been writing about gaming and tech since 2005. Prior to Polygon, she worked at publications such as The Verge.

The cheaper edition of the Asus ROG Ally is now available, months after the handheld PC first became available. While Asus’ original $699.99 model might have been too pricey for some, this new $599.99 version is a more reasonably priced alternative to Valve’s popular Steam Deck. It’s available exclusively from Best Buy.

Asus is taking a different approach to manufacturing more affordable versions of its handheld compared to Valve. While the less expensive versions of the Steam Deck compromise on storage space and screen coatings, the lesser version of the ROG Ally is equipped with a less powerful processor, using a standard AMD Ryzen Z1 that has fewer cores than the Z1 Extreme found in the $699.99 version.

Aside from that component tweak, the less expensive version of the ROG Ally offers all the same hardware and capabilities as its more powerful sibling, including its 120 Hz 1080p IPS display, 512 GB of SSD storage, and compatibility with the ROG XG Mobile external GPU.

If $599.99 still feels a bit too expensive (we feel you there!), Valve is offering a 20% discount on all versions of the Steam Deck through Sep. 21, with its cheapest model now selling for $359.

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