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Where to pre-order MTG’s new Doctor Who and LOTR-themed sets

Gallifrey and Galadriel are coming to MTG this fall

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A composite image blending the key art for the Dr. Who and The Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond sets for Magic: The Gathering Image: Wizards of the Coast
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The latest sets to join Magic: The Gathering are currently available to pre-order from Amazon and your local game store. Joining the more conventional Return to Ravnica and The Lost Caverns of Ixalan sets are two new sets themed around The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who.

The Lord of the Rings set that’s available to pre-order is set to launch on Nov. 3, and represents the second wave of MTG cards centered around the Tolkien trilogy. In addition to individual boosters and display boxes, the second volume of cards will also be receiving four scene boxes, which include six scene cards, three vol. 2 set boosters, and six full art cards that combine to display key art from some of the pivotal moments from The Lord of The Rings.

The second volume of The Lord of the Rings boosters will also have a limited collector’s edition which features alternate art from the famous collection of paintings produced by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.

The Doctor Who set has a more limited portfolio slated for its launch on Oct. 13. The set will launch with four Commander Decks available individually or as a bundle. You can also pre-order display boxes of the Collector’s Booster Packs.

The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who belong to the growing list of Universes Beyond sets, which leverage existing IPs into the ruleset for Magic: The Gathering, allowing you to play with familiar characters and settings in the nonstandard format which has already played host to popular brands like Warhammer 40K and Dungeons & Dragons.

Magic: The Gathering - The Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond

Magic: the Gathering - Doctor Who Universes Beyond