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ThinkGeek vets have made a new version of the beloved Bag of Holding

Rollacrit’s new Bag of Holding Kickstarter heralds the return of the king

Image: Rollacrit
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Any convention regular is probably already familiar with the Bag of Holding, the durable, versatile canvas bag that can contain a seemingly infinite supply of shame swag in its pocketed interior. Unfortunately, the product was exclusive to ThinkGeek, a site that shut down back in 2019. In spite of an overwhelming demand for this awesome accessory, new ones haven’t been available since then.

This led a number of ex-Thinkgeek employees to form the company Rollacrit, design a new Bag of Holding, and fund the project through Kickstarter. Rollacrit’s campaign to re-launch the Bag of Holding immediately met with overwhelming enthusiasm: The $75,000 project goal was reached within an hour of launch, thanks to nearly 2,000 backers.

Rollacrit also met success with its previous Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Barcadia, its clever drinking game/tabletop mashup. That game managed to secure more than $1 million in funding.

A Gif showing the amount of stuff that can be organized into the Rollacrit Bag of Holding Gif: Rollacrit

The new Bag of Holding is similar to its predecessor in many ways, retaining its spacious, padded, compartmentalized interior. However, the experts from Rollacrit have added a number of excellent quality-of-life features, including a built-in rain cover, a cinch strap for posters, concealed double straps to transform it into a backpack, and a beverage compartment.

Image: Rollacrit
Image: Rollacrit

Customization is also a key feature for the new bag, with various functional and cosmetic options that can be swapped out, such as a zippered tech pouch for phones, alternate shoulder straps, and custom zipper pulls.

A composite image of the custom straps, zipper pulls, and tech pouch extras available for the Bag of Holding
The stretch goals are now available as optional add-ons for your purchase.
Image: Rollacrit

Currently, you can reserve the basic version of the Bag of Holding with a pledge of $125, through Oct. 4. However, if you opt to make a pledge of $185, you’ll also get some extra goodies, like a pair of extra zipper pull charms, a velcro-backed shoulder strap for patches, and a custom set of resin dice.

Optional add-ons like custom straps and zipper pulls are also available to add to your pledge piecemeal, starting at $8.

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