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Monopoly is the next stop for The Witcher

Publisher The Op finally lets you toss a coin to your Witcher

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A stock photo of the box art to Monopoly: The Witcher Edition Image: Usaopoly
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The next franchise to join the near limitless number of Monopoly spin-offs is The Witcher. Monopoly: The Witcher, is now available for $44.99 from publisher, The Op. It joins some great variants of the classic real-estate board game, including Dungeons & Dragons, Law & Order, Animal Crossing, and many more.

The fantasy franchise, initially penned by author Andrej Sapkowski, then made famous through a series of great games and a Netflix show, has made the next stop on its way to becoming fully commercialized. It looks like a pretty faithful adaptation, though. Besides providing lore-appropriate names for the Community Chest (Bounty) and Chance (Law of Surprise) cards, players will compete to buy, sell, and trade famous monsters from the franchise, like the frightening Bruxa.

A stock photo of the board used in Monopoly: The Witcher Image: The Op

The rules to this edition of Monopoly are the same as any other variation: bankrupt your opponents and be the last person standing. However, as a special edition this version is packaged with its own Witcher-appropriate tokens, including Kaer Mohren, a Flaming Book, a Crystal Skull, Lute, and, in a genius move, Roach on the Roof — a nod to a fan-favorite glitch in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt that caused Geralt’s horse to end up in the least helpful place imaginable.

A stock photo of the tokens for Monopoly: The Witcher Image: The Op
A stock photo of the board and cards used in Monopoly: The Witcher Image: The Op

This isn’t the only Witcher-themed tabletop option available to you. If you want more in-depth experiences, you have The Witcher Old World board game and its vast library of expansions, or The Witcher RPG by Cody & Lisa Pondsmith, the wife and son of Michael Pondsmith, the author responsible for the Cyberpunk RPG franchise.

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