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The best book, comics, TV, and movie deals of Amazon Prime Day 2020

TV collections, bestselling comics, and video game art books

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aang, katara, and sokka Image: Nickolodeon

Amazon Prime Day is bringing some nice deals for physical media collectors, from Blu-ray compilations of beloved TV shows like Twin Peaks and Frasier to compendiums of beloved comics like Saga and Batman. With streaming deals constantly in flux, owning your favorite series is the only way to know for sure that you’ll be able to watch it whenever you want (or at least as long as you own a Blu-ray player.)

Polygon will be scouring the Prime Day deals looking for the best TV, movie, book, and comics discounts the retailer is offering this year. We’ll be updating this post as new deals drop and when the current deals end or sell out.

Amazon Prime Day DVD and Blu-ray deals

Amazon Prime Day books and comics deals