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The best streaming microphone deals of Amazon Prime Day 2021

Discounts on microphones for your streaming setup

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Blue Yeti USB Streaming Microphone in Slate Blue

Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals are live, and streaming microphones are one of the best gaming PC accessories to find discounts on. If you’re looking to perfect your streaming setup with crisp vocals, then check out some of the deals we’ve discovered.

While there aren’t many deals on other pieces of gear you’d need for streaming, such as capture cards, webcams, or green screens, each of the streaming microphone deals on Prime Day requires nothing more than a USB connection to set up and use for streaming. There’s no need for anything extra to connect them and use immediately.

If you need other accessories for your PC, check out the best Amazon Prime 2021 deals on gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, and gaming mice.

Below you’ll find our curated list of the best Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on streaming microphones. Since the discounts during this sales event can change throughout June 21-22, the prices listed below may not match the current price on Amazon. Some may maintain their price throughout the sale, while others might have reduced prices at certain times. Check these links often if you aren’t finding the best deal yet.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 streaming microphone deals