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Metroid Dread pre-order bonus, special edition, and amiibo guide

What’s in the special edition, amiibo 2 pack, and more

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Metroid Dread Metroid 5 Nintendo Direct E3 2021 205 Image: Nintendo

Metroid Dread pre-orders are live ahead of the Nintendo Switch game’s release on Oct. 8, 2021. This new adventure brings Samus back to her 2D roots, and those looking to pre-order Metroid Dread should know the differences between each edition and what the game’s amiibos do.

In this Metroid Dread buying guide, we’ll explain what comes with each edition of the game. We’ll explain the pre-order bonus you can get now and what amiibo you can purchase along with the game.

Metroid Dread Standard Edition pre-order

You can pre-order the digital edition of Metroid Dread from the Nintendo eShop, Amazon, and Best Buy. Several retailers have pre-orders available for the physical edition of Metroid Dread as well, however neither version of the standard edition comes with pre-order bonuses.

The standard version of Metroid Dread retails for $59.99.

The only retailer offering anything special with the standard version of Metroid Dread is Walmart.

The Metroid Dread mug from Walmart
If you like exclusive mugs, get Metroid Dread from Walmart
Image: Walmart

If you buy a physical copy of the standard edition of Metroid Dread at Walmart, it comes with an exclusive mug that features Samus and an EMMI robot.

Metroid Dread Special Edition pre-order

The special edition of Metroid Dread comes with:

  • A steel book case
  • Five art cards
  • A 190-page art book

Both Amazon and GameStop offer the special edition of Metroid Dread for $89.99, but GameStop’s version comes with a pin set as an exclusive pre-order bonus.

Nintendo Metroid Dread amiibo 2 pack

The Metroid Dread amiibo comes in a two-piece set featuring Samus and an EMMI robot.

When players scan the Samus amiibo for the first time, they’ll receive an extra energy tank to boost their health. Players can also scan Samus again once per day to restore their health. Scanning the EMMI amiibo grants a Missle+ tank that increases missile capacity. Scanning that amiibo once a day also refills players’ supply of missiles.

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