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Xbox Series X store restock list and updates

Where to buy an Xbox from Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and more

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front left angle shot of Xbox Series X with controller standing in front of the console’s bottom right corner Image: Microsoft

Even after a year after its release, it’s still a challenge to get your hands on an Xbox Series X. If you still haven’t been able to purchase Microsoft’s latest console, you’re not alone. Keeping track of all the Xbox restock alerts and updates is time-consuming, but there are several tactics you can use to help you secure a new system.

In this Xbox Series X store restock and tracking guide, we'll share links to every retailer we can find that carries the new Xbox and explain how to find Twitter accounts that post up-to-date restock links as they become available. This guide will also share some best practices when trying to purchase a new console. We’ll also give you weekly updates on when each retailer last announced a drop for the system.

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Xbox Series X restock updates

Following Xbox restock updates can eat up a lot of time. However, one of the best ways to anticipate the release of a new drop from retailers is understanding when they last released stock. Understanding when stores get in new inventory can give you some insight into the cadence in which they receive more systems.

Since most retailers don’t usually announce when restocks happen, we’re compiling a restock list showing when the Xbox was restocked at various stores. This list is current as of Dec. 23, 2021.

Xbox Series X store restock updates

Retailer 12/18-12/23 12/13-12/17 12/4 - 12/13 11/28 - 12/3 11/21 - 11/27
Retailer 12/18-12/23 12/13-12/17 12/4 - 12/13 11/28 - 12/3 11/21 - 11/27
Amazon --- 12/16 --- --- 11/24
Best Buy 12/22 --- 12/9 --- ---
GameStop --- 12/17 12/10 --- 11/26
Microsoft --- 12/16 --- --- ---
Target 12/23 12/16 --- 12/2 ---
Walmart --- 12/13 --- 11/28 ---

Xbox Series X restock store links

Microsoft’s latest console comes in two variants. The Xbox Series X is the flagship version and retails for $499.99. This system comes with a 1TB hard drive, the ability to drive games at 4K, and a Blu-ray drive. The Xbox Series S retails for $299.99 and can play all the same games as its counterpart, but it has a smaller hard drive, less processing power, and no disc drive. If you’re not sure which system to get, check out our guide on which Xbox to buy.

While the retailers above are some of the most well-known stores that stock the Xbox, you can find the console on other outlets. When visiting other retailers or resellers, be sure you check the price before you purchase. For any number of reasons, including bundles, some sellers may offer the console but at higher prices than the system originally retailers for.

Restock alert trackers to follow

If you like the idea of getting alerts when the Xbox gets restocked at various retailers, then consider keeping an eye on Twitter.

There are several accounts that make it their mission to keep users up to date on restocks with up-to-date alerts on when they find hardware on sale. Keep in mind that some of the accounts that tweet links may also share affiliate links for several retailers.

We’ve had luck with Twitter trackers like @mattswinder and @PS5restocks_etc (who covers all systems and even graphics cards!) which helped us secure systems of our own.

How to use Twitter trackers for restock updates

Using Twitter restock tracker accounts is one of the best ways to purchase a new console, but following alone isn’t enough. Here’s what to do.

On Twitter, click the bell icon to get notifications when the account tweets. While these users do their best to post restocks as quickly as they can, they may also post news, updates, and retweet followers who have had success thanks to their accounts. (The best accounts keep the chatter to a minimum, which you can check for yourself with a quick scroll through the last several tweets.) The best-case scenario is that one of these accounts tweets a store link with in-stock Xbox, and you click on the notification in time to purchase a new system.

A good way to make sure you don’t miss your chance is to have a smartphone or a tablet pushing updates to those devices whenever they tweet. From there, you can click on the update notification and then click on the retailer link in the tweet.

Log in everywhere

Responding to a Twitter notification and quickly trying to buy a Xbox requires speed and luck. This process can be stressful, but if you set up a few things in advance, you’ll have a better chance of securing a new console.

After you’ve set your Twitter account to receive updates, log in at every possible retailer on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. That includes online shops like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and more. Go to your account settings, and make sure your credit card, billing address, and shipping address are all current. You don’t want to fill in this information while trying to check out.

Enable fast checkout

You can use quick settings like Amazon’s 1-Click Ordering to set up a default payment method and shipping address to check out as quickly as possible. If other retailers have similar features, set them up in advance.

If you’re on Apple devices, some retailers like GameStop let you quickly check out with Apple Pay. If you’re using Apple Pay, make sure your credit card, billing address, and shipping address are up to date and that the card or account tied to your Apple Pay account is available in your wallet on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac — wherever you might make the purchase from, in other words.