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Best PlayStation 5 accessories

The best accessories, controllers, chargers, and more

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The PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller, alongside the Pulse 3D wireless headset, the PlayStation HD camera, and several connecting cables Photo: Henry Hargreaves for Polygon

The PlayStation 5 is a uniquely designed — and large — gaming console. If you’re looking to add some accessories to enhance your experience with the system, then you’ll have to really dig into the machine’s aesthetic. While previous iterations of Sony’s device had their share of accessories, the PS5 doesn’t have many at the moment from third parties. In fact, some of the system’s best additional gear comes from Sony itself.

In this PS5 accessories guide, we’ll show you some of the best hardware you can buy to get the most out of your console. Our guide shares our recommendations for the best PS5 controller, the best PS5 controller charger, the best PS5 headset, the best PS5 hard drive, and some other essential PS5 accessories.

Table of contents

The best PS5 controller

At the moment, the best PlayStation 5 controller is … Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller. That’s because there aren’t many third-party controllers that advantage of the literal game-changing features of Sony’s DualSense controller.

Packed inside this futuristic new gamepad are new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Words alone can’t convey how much of a difference reactive buttons and highly detailed rumbling from a controller can enhance a gaming experience. Without feeling it yourself, it may seem like hyped-up marketing. However, within seconds of playing something like the packed-in game Astro’s Playroom, the new technology immediately justifies itself.

The DualSense adds dimension to what is an otherwise straightforward platformer. You can feel the difference in surfaces Astro runs across through the controller’s subtle change in vibrations. Varying levels of resistance are added to trigger pulls to convey the differences in weight from objects you need to push and pull. Other titles across the PS5’s catalog make use of these features, including Returnal. In that game, the reactive triggers and haptic feedback really sell the weight and difference between weapons in a way that simple rumble technology cannot.

If you plan on playing a majority of your games on the PS5, especially multiplayer games, it’s worth grabbing another controller from Sony to make sure your partners get to enjoy the same experience as you. You can also finally differentiate your controllers from one another since Sony recently announced three new colors for its PS5 controllers.

The best PS5 controller charger

Whether your household has one or two PS5 controllers at the ready, keeping them charged up will always be a priority. Thankfully, the DualSense controllers can charge pretty easily with the system’s included USB-C cable, but it’ll require the minor inconvenience of having to plug a wire into your system.

A better solution to charging also keeps up with the PS5’s aesthetic: Sony’s own DualSense Charging Station. This little cradle can charge up to two controllers at a time without needing to be plugged into your console.

The simple click-in design of the DuaSense Charging Station allows you to pop in two controllers to charge. Being able to juice up two gamepads independent of your console frees up USB ports, allowing your entertainment center to look a bit cleaner. The device shares the same winged design as its console brethren while also propping up both controllers, in case you really want to show your love for this system’s design.

The best PS5 headset

Just like with the controller and the charger, our recommendation for the best PS5 headset is Sony’s official Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

The Pulse 3D is a gaming headset, so there’s a microphone built in — two of them, in fact. They’re built into the headset itself, though, so there’s no unwieldy boom for the microphone. Controls for everything from power to volume to chat-versus-game sound priority are comfortably arrayed around the left can. With no protruding mic and easy-to-reach buttons, the overall design is sleek and matches the PS5’s aesthetic perfectly.

It’s a headset designed for the PS5, so things like the look and ease of connectivity aren’t surprising. What surprised us most is how comfortable they are. I know I have a large head and lots of hair on top of that, but the Pulse 3D is easily the most comfortable gaming headset I’ve used. —Jeff Parkin

The best PS5 SSD

The file size for modern games is only getting bigger. Despite the hefty hard drive that comes packed in with the PS5, it only has 667 GB of usable space. If you want to store more games on your console, you’re going to need to upgrade your system’s hardware.

While the PS5’s current firmware allows you to install your own SSD, you’ll have to meet specific requirements. One such drive that works well with Sony’s console — and PCs — is the Samsung 980 Pro with Heatsink.

The Samsung 980 with Heatsink is one of the few SSDs that meet the standards that Sony has listed for PS5 compatibility. This small drive fits Sony’s recommendation of not only being an M.2 SSD, but it also comes with a heatsink that will help with thermals. The process for installing a new hard drive into your console can be complicated, so make sure to follow a guide when doing so.

Other PlayStation 5 accessories

One of the best PS5 accessories is also one of the simplest: extra-long USB-C cables.

If multiple people in your household use your PS5, it’s difficult to keep track of when controllers need to be charged. USB-C cables also come in handy if you’re having long gameplay sessions that could drain your controller’s batteries quickly. For any of these scenarios, we recommend getting something like Anker’s 10-foot USB-C cables.

There is nothing magical or revolutionary about these cables. They are just a reliable set of very long wires you can use to charge your DualSense controllers. You may not always need to have a lengthy cord available when playing your PS5, but there will eventually be a scenario where having this cable will come in handy. It’s better to have a set on hand that you'll barely use than none at all.

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