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Polygon’s merch store relaunches to celebrate our first 10 years

New shirts and more, everything you need to show the Polygon love

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Three t-shirts with different Polygon logos on a pink and magenta background Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

Let’s say you love visiting Polygon for our reviews, or maybe our guides, or our video content or original reporting. And let’s say you wanted to show how much you dig our stuff in some sort of fashion-forward way. You could make yourself a giant polygonal suit of armor out of paper mache or you could go a much easier route and snag something from our newly relaunched merch store!

The new store has everything you need to show your love of Polygon, from T-shirts and hoodies to sticker packs, with more items being added in the coming weeks.

All of the new gear comes decked out with a custom 10th-anniversary logo variant designed by Cory Schmitz, who created Polygon’s original logo.

And if you’re looking to learn a little something, why not pre-order Polygon’s next historical gaming book: Like a Hurricane: An Oral History of Street Fighter II.

So pop on over to the new merch store and grab yourself or your loved one something that just shouts Polygon. It’s sure to make your holidays just a little bit better.

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