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Outer Wilds’ excellent soundtrack is getting a vinyl repress

The double LP includes 23 songs and Easter egg-laden gatefold jacket

The Outer Wilds double vinyl collection sitting next to a fire with some marshmallows. Image: iam8bit/Annapurna Interactive/Mobius

It’s impossible to hear all of the music that Outer Wilds (Polygon’s 2019 game of the year winner) has to offer in its purposefully restrictive 22-minute time loops. If you want the vinyl treatment of that banjo-rific soundtrack to listen to at your leisure, iam8bit just announced a repress of the double LP. It’ll be available for purchase through iam8bit’s website for $39.99, and limited copies are available in-person if you happen to be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The double LP is a great gift for anyone who’s a fan of the game. On top of the great tunes composed by Andrew Prahlow, it features art by Ian Jacobson, and the gatefold jacket that holds both vinyl records is covered in Easter eggs from the game. Additionally, there’s a listing of the songs, and even some inserts that have sheet music for Feldspar’s and Chert’s respective themes.

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