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Get $743 worth of Warhammer 40K rulebooks at Humble Bundle for just $25

Praise the Emperor! Get a colossal amount of books while supporting charity

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Warhammer 40,000: Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, surges forward in battle clad in the blue and gold armor of fate and wielding the Emperor’s flaming sword. Image: Games Workshop

Humble is offering another excellent bundle that includes a smattering of digital rulebooks and extra source materials for the Warhammer 40K tabletop RPG until April 5. This DRM-free bundle includes the Only War, Dark Heresy, and Black Crusade rulebook PDF files which have extensive lore, as well as tables for campaigns focused on the Astra Militarum, Inquisition, and armies of Chaos, respectively. These purchases will be added to your Humble library, allowing you to download them to your favorite tablet, and access them across multiple devices.

For this bundle, your donation is split between Cubicle 7 Entertainment (the maker of these fine rulebooks), Children’s Health Ireland, and Humble itself. You can donate as little as $1 to get 7 items, but to get all of the loot, you’ll have to pledge a minimum donation of $25 for the Core Rulebooks. Note: any donation tier will net you your first month of the Warhammer Plus streaming service for just $2.99, and a 15% off coupon to

So whether you’re a stan for gram-pappy Nurgle, call your cat a heretic for crapping in your shoe, or just like screaming “for the emprah!” every chance you get, there’s probably something for you in this Humble Bundle.

Paying a minimum of $5 gets you the following:

  • Black Crusade: Broken Chains
  • Only War: Salvaging Solace
  • Only War: Eleventh Hour
  • Dark Heresy: Edge of Darkness
  • Dark Heresy: Salvation Demands Sacrifice
  • A coupon for a $2.99 introductory month of the Warhammer Plus streaming service
  • A 15% off coupon to

A $15 minimum donation will get you 13 additional items (20 items total), including:

  • Black Crusade: The Game Master’s Kit
  • Only War: The Game Master’s Kit
  • Dark Heresy: Damned Cities
  • Dark Heresy: Dead Stars
  • Dark Heresy: The Game Master’s Kit
  • Dark Heresy: The Game Master’s Kit (Second Edition)
  • Dark Heresy: Tattered Fates
  • Dark Heresy: The Black Sepulchre
  • Dark Heresy: The Church of the Damned
  • Dark Heresy: The Chaos Commandment
  • Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds
  • Dark Heresy: Book of Judgment

However, the best value is the $25 minimum donation, which gets you everything from the previous tiers, and the following bonus materials (46 items total):

  • Black Crusade: Core Rulebook
  • Black Crusade: The Tome of Fate
  • Black Crusade: The Tome of Excess
  • Black Crusade: The Tome of Decay
  • Black Crusade: The Tome of Blood
  • Black Crusade: Hand of Corruption
  • Only War: Core Rulebook
  • Only War: Shield of Humanity
  • Only War: No Surrender
  • Only War: Enemies of The Imperium
  • Only War: Hammer of the Emperor
  • Only War: Final Testament
  • Dark Heresy Core Rulebook
  • Dark Heresy: Core Rulebook (Second Edition)
  • Dark Heresy: Ascension
  • Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods
  • Dark Heresy: Radicals Handbook
  • Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs
  • Dark Heresy: Creatures Anathema
  • Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter
  • Dark Heresy: Enemies Beyond
  • Dark Heresy: Enemies Within
  • Dark Heresy: Enemies Without

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