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Get all caught up on Attack on Titan manga with the latest Humble bundle

Including all 34 volumes of the main series, plus spinoffs

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Eren Jeager roaring as a Titan in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.
Your face as you devour heaps of manga
Image: MAPPA

The Attack on Titan anime series is nearly over, with just one hour-long episode left to come out. However, it’s never too late to get caught up on the manga that started it all. Humble is offering a huge manga bundle that contains the full Attack on Titan series (all 34 volumes), plus a couple of spinoffs on the series.

To get all of those e-reader and tablet-friendly, DRM-free PDFs (also available in ePub and CBZ formats), Humble asks for a reasonable $25 minimum donation. By default, Kodansha Comics will get half, with $7.50 going to Humble, $1.25 to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, and $3.75 going to Wario64, the essential source on Twitter for deals on video games, toys, and entertainment. You can adjust your donation levels as you please.

Attack on Titan 24-item bundle

  • $25

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The $25 tier includes 24 items, including all volumes of Attack on Titan, plus several volumes of spinoffs including Before the Fall, Junior High, Lost Girls, Spoof on Titan, No Regrets, Kuklo Unbound, and more. This is a huge amount of entertainment for you, or for an AoT fan you might know.

There are cheaper bundles, which contain fewer items. Picking one of those could be the better option if you have just a few remaining volumes to add to your collection. The sale will end in mid April.

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