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Behold, all the Tears of the Kingdom pre-order gifts from around the world

People who buy from Amazon Japan will get a spoon or a fork!

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A still taken from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Image: Nintendo

If you order The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom from GameStop in the United States, you’ll get wood — a wooden plaque. Sure, it’s an ornate collectible, but it’s nowhere near as cool as the pre-order gifts you could get by ordering the game in other countries, like Japan, which is giving away Tears of the Kingdom forks and spoons. There’s nothing I want more than to invite my family over for Christmas dinner and bring out the fancy china: My Tears of the Kingdom cutlery set.

Look, it makes sense in some ways. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild included cooking, and we can safely assume Link will have to eat in Tears of the Kingdom, too. Does he use cutlery, or does he just smash that plate on his face? Who can say? The important thing is that you can use cutlery. You can get the fork and the spoon by ordering the more expensive Collector’s Edition, or just get the spoon with the standard copy.

Regardless, Japan and the United States aren’t the only countries with their own, unique pre-order bonuses. And thankfully, the Nintendo Switch isn’t region-locked, meaning that you could purchase a game from any country, regardless of where you live and play it. The problem is determining whether you’ll be able to get the pre-order bonuses shipped outside of their respective countries, so order at your own risk.


Order in Australia to get a luggage tag with Tears of the Kingdom. This is a bonus offered at EB Games Australia. (Prices are in Australian dollars.)


Canadians purchasing Tears of the Kingdom have two retailer options with different pre-order bonuses: GameStop and Walmart. People who pre-order from GameStop will get a pin set featuring Link and Zelda, while Walmart buyers will get a Tears of the Kingdom luggage tag. (Prices below are in CAD.)

Hong Kong and Taiwan

Both Hong Kong and Taiwan players will get a Tears of the Kingdom keychain.


Ordering from Israel’s My Nintendo Store will get players either a Tears of the Kingdom shirt or a collectible coin; you can only choose one.


People who order from Amazon Japan will get a fork, spoon, or both! They’re silver pieces with “The Legend of Zelda” inscribed on the handles.


Strap in, because Korea’s got a ton of different pre-order bonuses. Korean Tears of the Kingdom buyers can choose from a desk mat, coaster, blanket, 240-piece puzzle, passport cover, tote bag, beach towel, or key ring set, depending on where they buy the game. The blanket is my personal favorite; it’s got Link’s corrupted Master Sword on it. You can see all of the options in the gallery below.


Stationery lovers will be glad to see that Switzerland’s Tears of the Kingdom pre-order gift is a green notebook with the Zelda logo and the corrupted master sword.

UK and Ireland, Italy, and Germany

The pre-order bonuses for the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as Italy and Germany, are a Tears of the Kingdom collectible coin and a luggage tag. It’ll get added to pre-orders from the My Nintendo Store. (Prices are listed in each respective country’s currency.)

United States

Nintendo’s first pre-order bonus in the United States is through GameStop. The retailer is offering a limited-edition wooden plaque for people who pre-order the standard $69.99 edition of Tears of the Kingdom. To get the plaque, you’ll have to go into a local GameStop and show your receipt in-person.

From Best Buy, the pre-order bonus is an art print. If you pre-ordered from Best Buy before the pre-order bonus went live, you won’t get the print — but you can always cancel and redo your order if you want the print.

Walmart is offering a golden wall scroll for people who order Tears of the Kingdom online, but only 5,000 scrolls are available.

Update (March 28): This story has been updated to include more pre-order bonuses for more countries.

Update (April 3): This story has been updated to add Best Buy’s pre-order bonus.

Update (April 10): This story has been updated to add Walmart’s pre-order bonus,

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