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Where to get the Star Trek: The Next Generation 4K movies

It may not have Wrath of Khan, but First Contact still slaps

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A stock image of the Star Trek: The Next Generation box set and its individual films.
The 4K Blu-ray box set contains the definitive versions of The Next Generation films
Image: Paramount Pictures
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The Star Trek: The Next Generation 4K Blu-ray movie collection is releasing just in time for First Contact Day. The collection includes four movies starring the irreplaceable cast of The Next Generation (Generations, Insurrection, First Contact, and Nemesis). If you only want one or two of them, you can alternatively purchase Blu-rays individually through the links below.

The four-film set includes eight discs in total: four 4K Blu-ray discs (requiring a 4K Blu-ray player), four standard Blu-ray discs of the remastered films, plus codes to access a digital version of each film.

The newer remasters retain the same bonus features as the 2009 Blu-ray release, and thankfully some of the color-matching issues that were present in their initial remastering have been amended. However, people on Twitter are noticing the remaster makes some practical effects a bit too visible.

The latest version of the remastered Star Trek TNG cinematic saga does a far better job with color balancing
Image: Paramount Pictures

Both the box set and individual releases are currently available to pre-order from Amazon and Best Buy and will ship on April 4. The box set is priced at around $79.99, while the standalone discs are available for around $20 each. It's worth noting HBO Max subscribers can currently stream the updated versions of the films online, although you won’t get access to all the bonus features included on the discs.

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