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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already available to preorder

The animated Mario movie’s physical release is rumored to be June 6

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A still from the 2023 Super Mario Bros. Movie
We’re taking that warp pipe straight to video!
Image: Illumination

Apparently, there’s another Super Mario Bros. movie that just came out starring Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, and while their performances couldn’t possibly compare to the live-action performances of Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, it’s apparently not too bad. However, if you’re not quite ready to cram yourself into a theater full of screaming children to compare the two films, you won’t have to wait long. A physical release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is right around the corner with pre-orders for the DVD ($19.99), Blu-Ray ($24.99), and 4K UHD ($29.99) versions available now through Amazon. The listing also has a Prime Video digital release listed for UHD ($19.99) and HD ($29.99) formats.

While there is currently no official release date for the physical version, a report from Nintendo Wire has rumored that June 6 is the day we can expect pre-orders to be released.

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