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Get 6 great Left 4 Dead-alikes for just $15 in a Humble Bundle

A horde of great horde shooters

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a large, horned anthropomorphic beast leaps at the player in The Anacrusis, aiming a futuristic gun in its direction
The Anacrusis is one of the games included in both the $10 and $15 bundles.
Image: Stray Bombay Company

Humble’s latest bundle is a smorgasbord of Left 4 Dead-like horde shooters. The entire six-game bundle costs $15 at minimum, which is a good deal when you consider it comes with four good multiplayer co-op FPS titles that all have very different visual styles. You’ll get Back 4 Blood, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (the all-star of the bunch, in my opinion), The Anacrusis, Zombie Army 4, Zombie Army Trilogy, and Killing Floor 2 deluxe edition. If you don’t mind not getting Back 4 Blood and Zombie Army 4, the four-item version of the bundle costs just $10.

As is always the case with Humble Bundles, there’s full transparency as to where your money is going. Your payment will be split three ways, with a piece going to Humble, another to the games’ publishers, and the third part to charity (you can adjust the values in the “Adjust donation” section beneath the checkout button). For this bundle, the charities involved are Coral Guardian and Trees, People, and Water.

All of these games will be added to your Humble account upon purchase. From within your account’s library, you’ll be able to find the keys to paste into Steam via its “activate a product” function. Some of them are even verified to work on the Steam Deck. This sale ends on May 5.

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