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8BitDo’s Ultimate C 2.4G is a wireless PC controller dipped in dreamy pastels

Available for pre-order now for $29.99, launching on May 31

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The purple and green 8BitDo Ultimate C 2.4G controllers sit side by side on a wooden table, surrounded by an assortment of tablets, keyboards, and laptops.
Maybe the “C” stands for creamy.
Image: 8BitDo

8BitDo has unveiled a trimmed-down version of its $49.99 Ultimate 2.4G Controller called the Ultimate C 2.4G. It looks nearly identical, save for the two new (and very appealing) shades of pastel green and purple. It’s available to pre-order now at Amazon for $29.99, launching on May 31.

So, what’s missing here? Not a ton, but the differences could make or break the value for you. It lacks the ability to connect to 8Bitdo’s versatile Ultimate app, which on the Ultimate 2.4G allows you to remap the buttons, adjust the deadzones of the analog sticks, and tweak the sensitivity of each trigger. It also lacks profile switching, an omission that makes sense given that you can’t customize the controller’s settings whatsoever. The controller only supports rumble on Windows.

For those who imagine they won’t need or want to fiddle with settings, the Ultimate C 2.4G could be a great controller, if 8BitDo’s back catalog is anything to go off of. I particularly love the company’s Ultimate Bluetooth, a similarly-shaped controller that’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch and features Gulikit’s drift-proof hall effect joysticks (it’s included in our best Nintendo Switch accessories and best Steam Deck accessories guides).

That $69.99 controller may be worth the extra cost if you value analog sticks that will likely endure longer, as well as broader system compatibility. The Ultimate C supports Windows, Android, Steam Deck / SteamOS, and Raspberry Pi with its 2.4 GHz wireless dongle.

Despite the omissions, $29.99 doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all for the Ultimate C 2.4G. Plus, there’s never been a better-looking duo of gamepads, except maybe the company’s translucent purple and green SN30 Pro.

8BitDo is also launching a wired version of the Ultimate C with all of the same features and color options. The wired Ultimate C costs $19.99, and will release on May 31.

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