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The Apex Legends board game has launched on Kickstarter

The tabletop royale game starts at $87, which is $35 off the planned retail price

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The Kickstarter campaign for the official Apex Legends board game has launched, and if funded, the game is expected to arrive in June 2024. Developer and manufacturer Glass Cannon Unplugged is raising funds until June 8, and it’s hoping to secure at least $244,491 to move forward with the project. In case you were wondering, the company’s credentials include the board game adaptation of the video game Frostpunk, which secured close to $3 million during its 2020 Kickstarter campaign.

The Apex Legends board game is a team-based, tabletop skirmish game for up to four players, anchored by some great-looking miniatures in three-dimensional terrain. Each game takes around 60 minutes to complete (you can see some gameplay here), and the gameplay is about using abilities, resource management, and clever maneuvering, all of which mirror many of the aspects of the popular battle royale shooter.

A photo of the painted versions of the four minis included in the Apex Legends board game
The minis that come with the game are unpainted but remarkably detailed.
Image: EA / Glass Cannon Unplugged

Anyone who’s looking to secure a copy of the game can pledge their support starting at the core tier for $87, which saves you roughly $37 off the planned retail price. The core tier gets access to the boxed copy of the game when it launches (or if it launches — this is Kickstarter, after all). The base game includes four legends (Bangalore, Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar) represented with highly-detailed, unpainted minis. The company has plans to launch additional characters in future expansions.

For those willing to contribute to the stretch goals of the game, additional tiers are available to back that include more cool extras. For instance, the $125 Full Team tier will include additional minis for Pathfinder and Lifeline, in addition to extra terrain and props, while the $256 Gameplay All-in tier gets all of that, plus two additional squad expansions, card sleeves, a playing mat, and a supply minis pack. Investing in the Full Team or All-in tier in advance will save you $54 or $113, respectively, versus their planned retail prices.

A stock image of the Apex Legends board game unpacked and ready to play. Image: EA / Glass Cannon Unplugged

As an added bonus, backers of any tier of the board game will get a free copy of the planned Loba expansion pictured below when it launches (the launch date hasn’t been announced). Some of the other characters planned for future expansions include Caustic, Revenant, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, and Mirage.

Promotional image of a 3D model of the unpainted Loba miniature included in her expansion set.
Loba is the first planned expansion for the Apex Legends board game.
Image: EA / Glass Cannon Unplugged

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