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You can buy the chrome gold Lamborghini Gallardo from Fast X

The 1:24 ratio replica, I mean. Sorry, I should have made it more clear in the headline. I’m trying to fix it

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A still image taken from the Fast X film in which a golden chrome Lamborghini Gallardo drives underneath an exploding SUV. Image: Peter Mountain / Universal Pictures

Unless you’re a high roller, you probably can’t afford the cars from the Fast and the Furious movies. You’re in very good company with, well, most people. But if you’re not above buying some toys, there are some darn good replicas of the whips from the films, whether you want detailed, stationary replicas, or RC vehicles that can tear around and take a beating.

With Fast X launching today, it’s the perfect time to re-ignite your love of the cars from the movies. And, in case you haven’t seen any or every of the Fast and the Furious movies, let us walk you through the correct order to watch them in (it’s not as simple as it seems). Also, we’ve untangled the key traits of all of the main characters in the movies, just for fun.

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