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Where to buy Magic: The Gathering’s LOTR-themed cards

Draft, Set, and Collector Booster Boxes are available from Amazon and Best Buy

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An assortment of Magic: the Gathering cards from the Tales of Middle-earth Lord of the Rings set. This picture highlights The One Ring card, and next to it, a replica ring hangs on the quillon of a sword.
You’ll have no problem finding The One Ring, but your chances of finding the 1 of 1 One Ring are very small.
Photo: Charlie Hall/Polygon
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The Lord of the Rings-inspired Universes Beyond line of Magic: The Gathering products are now available online from Amazon and other online retailers. Tales of Middle-earth has become one of the most anticipated sets of the year for Magic players, with some collector boxes reaching prices of over $300.

If you missed out on a prerelease event at your local store, you can currently pick up the set in a number of formats, including an 18-pack Jumpstart Booster Box, an 8-pack bundle that includes accessories, a 36-pack Draft Booster Box, and a Starter Kit that includes a pair of pre-assembled decks and codes to redeem so you can play with the same decks in the video game Magic: The Gathering Arena.

I’ve outlined the contents of each bundle below. If you’re thinking of jumping in, or are already a MTG player, check out Polygon’s deep dive into the Tales of Middle-earth set. It includes a detailed analysis on its most powerful cards. Plus, we walk through how beginners can optimize their decks.

Where can I find The One Ring?

To answer the burning question on everyone’s mind, Wizards of the Coast has printed a single (1 of 1), especially precious version of The One Ring, which is sealed in a single collector’s booster pack. Lesser versions of the ring are available in other boxed sets, and Wizards of the Coast has provided a handy chart showing where you can find them (and bring them all, and in the darkness bind them).

A table showing which bundles and booster packs contain specific versions of The One Ring card. Image: Wizards of the Coast

Where to buy Tales of Middle-earth

The Starter Kit features a pair of 60-card decks with everything you need to learn how to play Magic: The Gathering if you’re new to the game. Both decks also include ten new-to-Magic cards, in addition to a pair of foil Mythic rare cards.

The Tales of Middle-earth bundle features a themed storage box, eight Set Booster Packs, 40 basic lands, and an oversized spindown life counter. The bundle also includes a set of borderless scene cards you can only get from Collector’s Booster Packs.

If you already know how to play Magic, and want to get introduced to some of the new cards featured in Tales of Middle-earth, Jumpstart Boosters are the fastest route. Just buy two packs, shuffle them, and you’re ready! Each pack follows one of five themes, and contains a single rare card which can also be found in Collector Booster Packs.

Tales of Middle-earth has four pre-built Commander Decks, each celebrating a faction or collection of characters from Middle-earth.

  • Riders of Rohan (Blue-Red-White)
  • Food and Fellowship (White-Black-Green)
  • Elven Council (Green-Blue)
  • The Hosts of Mordor (Blue-Black-Red)

Each deck includes 20 cards that are new to Magic (including a pair of mythic rare cards) and a Collector Booster Sample Pack. The Commander Decks can be purchased alone, or as a bundle that includes all four.

Draft Booster Packs have the fixed distribution of cards you need for sealed deck play, and can include any of the following card art variants from Tales of Middle-earth.

  • Full-Art Map Lands
  • Ring Frame cards
  • Borderless Art Lands
  • Extended-art cards
  • Borderless Scene cards

All Draft, Collector, and Set Booster Display boxes also include a single foil Realms and Relics Box Topper card.

Each Collector Booster Pack includes multiple mythic rare cards, in addition to exclusive art and foil cards. Collector’s Booster Packs can include foil versions of any of the art variant cards featured in Tales of Middle-earth. Collector’s Booster Packs can also contain any of the 30 Realms and Relics cards found in Display boxes for Draft, Collector’s, and Set Booster Packs.

Each Set Booster Pack can potentially include multiple rare or mythic rare cards, with a guaranteed special art card for Tales of Middle-earth. Each pack also has a chance to contain reprints of cards from Magic: The Gathering’s : The List.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Bundle: Gift Edition, due to arrive on July 7, comes packaged with the same cards as the traditional bundle but features a themed storage box with unique artwork, a variant color of the oversized spindown life counter, and a collector’s booster pack.

We’re also expecting the following trio of new bundles later this year which will add new art for existing cards, and additional Jumpstart theme packs. Scene Boxes, Special Edition Collector Boosters, and Jumpstart Volume 2 Boosters will be available starting November 3.

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