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Where to pre-order the Xbox Series S Carbon Black with a 1 TB SSD

It’s essentially the Xbox Series S ‘Elite’ by another name

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There’s a new Xbox Series S coming in September. Microsoft announced during its latest Xbox Games Showcase that a black model with a 1 TB SSD will ship on Sept. 1, the same day when early access launches for people who pre-order Starfield’s $99.99 Premium Edition, or Game Pass subscribers who buy the $34.99 Premium Upgrade.

The Carbon Black variant of the disc-less Series S console will sell for $349.99 — $50 more than the retail cost for the white console that comes with a 512 GB SSD. That said, the white Series S can typically be found for less if you hunt around for a deal.

If you want Microsoft’s slimmer Xbox when it comes out, you can pre-order it now through the Microsoft Store, or at the retailers linked below.

Microsoft hasn’t shared the final storage figure of the carbon black Xbox Series S. However, if it’s like the 1 TB Xbox Series X, the amount of actual storage available for you to use is likely less than that. For reference, of the Series X’s 1 TB SSD, only 802 GB of it is usable, since the console’s operating system takes up some of it. This new Series S’ SSD boost — while nice — may not be enough storage for long, since more and more games are shipping with over 100 GB install sizes. So you may want to investigate buying an Xbox SSD, like the 1 TB WD Black C50 expansion card, to go along with your purchase.

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