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The best early Prime Day 2023 deals

Looking for the latest deals? Prime Day is underway

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A stock image of an Amazon Fire TV with a person playing Amazon Luna in the foreground Image: Amazon
Alice Newcome-Beill (she/her) is a commerce writer, and she has been writing about gaming and tech since 2005. Prior to Polygon, she worked at publications such as The Verge.

While this post served up deals that happened before Prime Day, we’re diving into the latest and greatest Prime Day deals happening right now on Amazon. The post below will no longer be updated.

You don’t need to wait until Prime Day 2023 on July 11 to access some great deals. Several products — mostly Amazon-made tech — are already discounted for Prime subscribers ahead of the main event happening in mid July. The highlights include deals on numerous Fire TV models, the Luna controller for its cloud gaming platform, and some neat smart home accessories, too. Some of the deals are available on an invite-only basis, while others are up for grabs right now.

We’ll be keeping tabs ahead of Prime Day to make sure this post is up to date. Then, come July 11 through July 12, you can expect us to bring you all the best deals in gaming and other associated nerdery.

The latest early Prime Day deals

Amazon has begun to hint at more Prime Day deals to come, including ones from popular gaming brands like Elgato, HyperX, Corsair, and SteelSeries. It’s teaser image shows the Elgato HD60 X capture card, hinting that we’ll likely see a nice discount on that product. If you want to be alerted when that deal goes live, you can visit this link and hit the “watch this deal” button as you scroll through the “Watch upcoming Prime Day Deals” carousel. It’s also teasing deals on Samsung SSDs, SD and microSD cards, and more. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to learn more.

Amazon Fire HD 8

If you want an affordable tablet for reading comics or watching movies, Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 tablet with 32 GB of storage (with a microSD card slot) is $54.99, nearly half price. It’s not the fastest tablet you can get, but with support for the major video streaming services and apps, it’s a solid buy.

Amazon’s Luna controller in front of a television and other devices Image: Amazon

Amazon Luna controller and Luna+ subscription

Like Google Stadia (R.I.P.), Amazon’s Luna cloud game streaming lets you play games over the internet — no console required. All you need is a stable internet connection to play, a controller, and a compatible device for the service to function on.

Numerous controllers are supported, but you may want to buy this official Luna controller paired since it comes with a month of Luna+ for just $39.99 ahead of Prime Day. Normally, the controller by itself is $69.99, and the service costs $9.99 per month. Plus, Amazon claims that the latency of its Luna controller is far better than controllers connected via Bluetooth because it connects to Wi-Fi instead.

Luna is compatible with a broad range of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and even Amazon Fire tablets (your save data will follow you across devices, too). Prime members automatically get access to a number of titles, including Fortnite, at no additional charge. Signing up for Luna+ will grant you access to a larger library of games to choose from (the game catalog is listed here). Other subscription plans for Jackbox Games and Ubisoft+ are also available for an additional fee if you want to expand your Luna catalog even further.

Star Wars Echo Dot Stands

Amazon is currently discounting a limited series of Star Wars-themed stands that are compatible with its 4th and 5th generation Echo Dot. Usually available for $39.99, you can pick up the cleverly designed holsters for $29.99 each. These are available on an invite-only basis, so if you’re interested, request an invite and perhaps you’ll be picked to buy one come Prime Day.

These plastic busts are modeled after the visage of Darth Vader, Mando, and the Imperial Stormtrooper. All of them feature a spot on the back for routing the speaker’s power cable through, and translucent eyes that glow blue when your Echo Dot is activated by voice. Note: the stand doesn’t include the speaker, though you should expect to see the cost of the $49.99 5th generation Echo Dot to come down before or during Prime Day.

While Amazon has yet to make an olive green Echo Dot, Otterbox makes a $27.99 stand modeled after Grogu if your Mandalorian Echo Dot needs a sidekick.

Limited Edition Star Wars Echo Dot Stands

  • $40

Prices taken at time of publishing.

These stands for the fourth and fifth generation Echo Dot and are modeled after Darth Vader, Din Djarin, and the Imperial Stormtrooper. While the stand is a purely cosmetic addition to the smart home device, the translucent eyes will glow whenever the Dot is activated.

Best early Prime Day TV deals

Prime Day is also a great opportunity to grab an Amazon Fire TV television for well below the usual cost. Currently, several models are available at a deep discount. The few we’d recommend looking into are the 65-inch QLED Series Amazon Fire TV, the 55-inch 4-series Smart TV, and the 43-inch Omni series, all of which are 4K sets.

Amazon Omni QLED Fire TV (65 inches)

Starting with the priciest model first, the 65-inch QLED series is the flagship model for Amazon’s Fire TV lineup and is on sale for $599.99 (normally $799.99) ahead of Prime Day. The QLED series features a 4K quantum dot display with Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ Adaptive technology for contrast-rich picture quality, no matter what you’re watching. Just like other Fire TV models, the QLED series supports Alexa voice-enabled functionality. Cleverly, it doesn’t need a remote to respond to voice commands, allowing for true hands-free playback control.

You’ll need to pay more (and look outside of Amazon’s offerings) to find gamer-centric features like AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. But, for everything else, the QLED series represents a solid value, especially at this price.

Amazon UHD Omni series Fire TV (43 inches)

Another solid 4K option that supports HDR10 and Dolby Digital Plus is the 43-inch Omni series Fire TV, which is currently on sale for $99.99 (normally $399.99). That’s no typo. However, this model is available at its discounted price by invitation only, which means the model will only be available in limited quantities on Prime Day, but Prime members can request an invitation now for first dibs when the sale goes live.

Honestly, if you just need a somewhat large, 4K-ready screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate, the UHD Omni series is a great option for just $100. The Omni series also has the added benefit of hands-free Alexa voice controls, unlike the 4-series which requires a remote.

Amazon 4-series Fire TV (55 inches)

Amazon’s 55-inch 4-series Fire TV is discounted to $379.99 instead of its usual $519.99. While it doesn’t have the same QLED display as more expensive models for lifelike contrast, the 4-series supports 4K HDR10 playback and Dolby Digital Plus for a vibrant picture and audio. Like the other TV options, the 4-series features built-in Alexa functionality but only supports voice controls via the included remote, in case that matters to you.

Best early Prime Day laptop deals

Acer Swift X

Amazon is accepting invites to be able to purchase this Acer Swift X on Prime Day. While not a gaming laptop, per se, its Ryzen 7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti should be able to run a fair amount of games at medium settings. If you get an invitation to purchase it on Prime Day, it’ll cost you just $629.99, a great price for what you’re getting. Whether you to plan to game or not, it’s a compact 14-inch laptop that seems great for all sorts of tasks.

Best early Prime Day streaming stick deals

All of Amazon’s streaming devices are also enjoying a significant discount. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Amazon’s most powerful streaming stick, is currently available for $24.99 (normally $54.99), while the standard 4K Fire TV Stick is on sale for $22.99 instead of $49.99. The Fire TV Cube is also on sale for $109.99, knocking $30 off the standard price.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the best choice for most people, offering several benefits over its closest Roku counterpart, the Roku Stick 4K Plus. The 4K Max features Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, Dolby Atmos compatibility, and has Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, baked into the OS. To top it all off, the current discount on the 4K Max makes it less expensive than its closest cousin from Roku.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

The standard Fire TV Stick 4K offers many of the same benefits as the 4K Max but at a slightly reduced price point. You’ll get the same picture quality here, plus a capable voice remote, but it has a slightly slower processor, and only supports Wi-Fi 5, if that matters to you.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Finally, the ominously named Fire TV Cube is equipped with the most powerful processor of the bunch, and offers the same visual and audio quality as its smaller counterparts. However, the key difference with the Fire TV Cube is that it's equipped with an always-on microphone that allows for hands-free voice control alongside all the usual skills you’d find in the Echo Dot. It can double as a speaker, too.

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