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Destiny 2: The Final Shape pre-order guide

Eyes up Guardian, get ready to plunge into the pale heart of the Traveler on Feb. 27

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The latest and final planned Destiny 2 expansion, The Final Shape, launches Feb. 27. The pre-order format for this expansion follows the same structure as previous tentpole launches for Destiny 2, like Beyond Light, Witch Queen, Lightfall, and Shadowkeep.

The Final Shape has a standard edition that provides access to the campaign and gives you three new supers, plus a new location to explore. Alternatively, you can also pre-order The Final Shape campaign that’s bundled with the annual pass. The pass grants access to a year’s worth of post-release content, which will include story missions, dungeons, exotic quests, and more.

The Final Shape is taking a different approach to its post-release content. While previous expansions featured four seasons spread across roughly twelve months following their respective launches, The Final Shape will be followed by three episodes, each lasting 18 weeks. The key difference here is that while the seasonal content was free for everyone, the episodic content is locked behind a purchase of The Final Shape.

Pre-ordering the standard edition of The Final Shape will get you access to the first episode, while the annual pass will get you into all three. Bungie has stated that each episode will include its own season pass, but hasn’t provided details regarding standalone pricing.

Image: Bungie

Pre-ordering any edition of the game before the Feb. 27 launch grants instant access to some in-game items and cosmetics, which can be redeemed via the special deliveries kiosk in The Tower. However, these rewards vary based on which edition of the game you purchase. Below, we’ve outlined the contents and rewards you can expect to receive from each version of the game, and how you can reserve your copy.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape standard edition

The $49.99 standard edition of The Final Shape will be available digitally through the Xbox or PlayStation Store. On PC, it can be reserved via Green Man Gaming (Steam) or Epic Games Store. At launch, the standard edition gives you access to the following content:

  • New Campaign
  • Three New Supers (Storm’s Edge, Twilight Arsenal, Song of Flame)
  • New Destination: The Pale Heart
  • New Raid (TBA)
  • New Exotic Gear (TBA)
  • One Episode in the year of The Final Shape (Echoes)

You’ll also get the following items delivered to your account if you pre-order before Feb. 27.

  • The Final Shell Exotic Ghost
  • Paracausal Path Legendary Emblem
Image: Bungie

The Final Shape + Annual Pass

Pre-ordering the $99.99 bundle that pairs The Final Shape with its annual pass includes everything packaged in the standard edition of the game, plus you’ll have access to the following additional post-release content. You can reserve a copy through PlayStation or Xbox, and PC users can pre-order through Green Man Gaming (Steam) or the Epic Games Store.

  • The Final Shape Dungeon (TBA)
  • Three Episodes in the Year of The Final Shape (Echoes, Revenant, Heresy)
  • Catalyst and Ornament for the Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Exotic Sparrow (TBA)

You’ll also be entitled to a secret stash of crafting materials delivered once per episode with the following items.

  • 2x Ascendant Alloys
  • 3x Ascendant Shards
  • 1x Exotic Ciphers
  • 1x Exotic Accessory

In addition to The Final Shell exotic ghost and Paracausal Path emblem, you’ll also get immediate access to the Tesellation Exotic Fusion Rifle and Abstract Meditation emote.

Image: Bungie

The Final Shape collector’s edition

If you want some physical goodies delivered with your copy of The Final Shape, you’ll want to check out the $274.99 collector’s edition available exclusively through the Bungie Store. The collector’s edition includes everything you’ll get with the standard edition and the annual pass but also features the following items.

  • A replica model of the original Destiny Tower, featuring LED lights and sounds
  • Vanguard mentor figurines
  • Vanguard mission dossier and patch
  • Autograph book
  • Code for exclusive Destiny 2 emblem (TBA)
  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape digital OST

The collector’s edition is also available as a $174.99 standalone product from the Bungie Store that include everything you see here, except the game and its annual pass.

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