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The Dixit Disney Edition is now available at Barnes & Noble

The new edition features 84 unique illustrations based on Disney and Pixar films

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Image: Asmodee, Disney
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The Disney Edition of Dixit, the beautifully illustrated game of dream-like descriptions, is available exclusively for purchase through Barnes and Noble. Made in part as a celebration of Disney’s centennial, the $39.99 game includes 84 individual cards (illustrated by Natalie Dombois), each based on a unique Disney or Pixar film, and uses the same rules as the standard version of Dixit. Also included with the game are six wooden meeples, modeled after Disney and Pixar characters including the Cheshire Cat, Mike Wizowski, and naturally, Mickey Mouse.

In case you haven’t played Dixit, it’s a card game that’s best described as Apples to Apples meets The Science of Sleep. Everyone takes turns as the “Storyteller” drawing a hand of delightfully oversized cards with surreal, abstract illustrations on them. The Storyteller chooses a card in secret, creating a story, poem, ballad, random noise, or other creative method of describing their chosen card without spilling the beans. The rest of the table votes with the card they have in their hand that best matches the description, then they’re shuffled along with the Storyteller’s chosen card, and whoever guesses it earns points. The first to earn a set amount of points wins.

The Dixit Disney Edition includes beautifully illustrated cards featuring some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Image: Asmodee

So just describe something that isn’t on your card and you’ll win the game right? Not so fast chump. The Storyteller only scores points if some of the players choose correctly, if everyone or nobody chooses your card, the Storyteller gets nothing. The key to winning Dixit is to provide obscure descriptions, but not so obscure that nobody will guess. The Disney Edition of Dixit will hopefully expose more people to this fun, engaging game.

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