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My kingdom for Pottery Barn Teen’s big Mushroom bean bag chair

Level up any Mario fan’s room with this new collection

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A photo of a bedroom that’s adorned with Super Mario-related home decor from Pottery Barn. This includes a large bean bag chair based in design on the Mushroom collectible item. There’s also a Mario-themed throw, multiple pillows, and a wall-mounted LED in the shape of a Mushroom power up. Photo: Pottery Barn Teen, Nintendo
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Super Mario Bros. merch is not hard to find. In fact, we wrote an entire gift guide filled with great suggestions to gift someone who adores Mario. But you may also want to check out Pottery Barn Teen’s site, which recently launched new gear from its officially licensed collaboration with the gaming franchise.

The collection of 12 items, each bedecked with signature iconography found in almost every game in the Super Mario Bros. franchise, includes light-up pillows, bean bag chairs, bed sheets, jammies, string lights, wall-mounted LEDs, desk trinkets, and more. There are also items you might use on the go, like shoulder bags, lunch boxes, backpacks, and water bottles.

A photo of the entire collection of Pottery Barn Teen’s collaboration with the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The collection is filled with items themed after iconography from the games, including Mushroom power ups, Question Mark boxes, and Super Stars. Photo: Pottery Barn Teen, Nintendo

Best of all, the items in the collection start at fairly affordable prices. Granted, the prices do get pretty high if you have your sights set on the nearly irresistible Mushroom bean bag chair.

Take a spin through the collection at Pottery Barn Teen for the full list of 12 items. Below, we’re listing a handful of favorites.

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