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The Diablo 4 Xbox Series X bundle is still selling at its Black Friday price

We’ve also found a creative way for you to save $35 on a Super Mario Bros. Wonder bundle.

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A stock image of the Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Bundle Image: Microsoft, Activision / Blizzard
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but just like Thanksgiving, sometimes the leftovers are the best part. This weekend we’re looking at the deals that are still kicking around in the wake of the year’s biggest shopping holidays. Some of the highlights include a steeply discounted Xbox Series X bundle, an value-packed deal on Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Nintendo Switch Online, the capable Asus ROG Ally gaming handheld, Studio Ghibli Blu-rays, and other cool stuff.

As we do every weekend here at Polygon, we’ve rounded up a collection of our favorite deals from the worlds of gaming and entertainment, along with some of the best-selling products that have made a recent appearance on our site.

The best gaming deals this week

At this point, nobody should be paying full price for an Xbox Series X — at least, not when it’s easy to get $60 or more off. This deal from Xbox discounts the Diablo 4 bundle for the Xbox Series X to just $439.99 (was $559.99). This particular bundle includes Microsoft’s monolithic console, a controller, and a digital copy of Diablo 4. Target is also offering a similar discount on the bundle, discounting the $499.99 package to $449.99. However, if you’d prefer to pick up the Xbox Series X by itself, Amazon has the console available for $432.21 (was $499.99).

If handheld gaming is more your style, you can currently pick up the Asus ROG Ally for as little as $449.99 at Best Buy. It’s like the Steam Deck, except you’re getting a more powerful, Windows-based gaming handheld (with a faster refresh rate 1080p display) that comes in two configurations: one with the AMD Z1 CPU for $449.99 (was $599.99), or one that includes the faster Z1 Extreme CPU for $599.99 (was $699.99).

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a pretty awesome game. Unsurprisingly, we haven’t seen a flat discount on the first-party Nintendo Switch title just yet, given its popularity. However, Antonline is offering an interesting deal if you’re also in the market for a year-long family membership to Nintendo Switch Online.

An annual family membership for Nintendo Switch Online and Super Mario Bros. Wonder would typically cost $94.99, but you can currently get both at Antonline for just $59.99, saving you $35 off the combined price.

Target is offering great discounts on three-month subscriptions to PC Game Pass, and to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Normally $49.99, three months of Game Pass Ultimate (which entitles you to Game Pass on both PC and Xbox, plus a lot more detailed here) for just $37.49, while three months of the PC-exclusive version can be picked up for $22.49 (was $29.99).

The top-selling stuff on Polygon this week

The best entertainment deals this week

Best Buy offers an exclusive collection of Disney 100 4K Blu-ray discs in gorgeous Steelbook cases. Unfortunately, many of them have returned to their pre-Black Friday prices, but the original Star Wars trilogy and Toy Story are still available for $22.99 (was $29.99).

Best Buy is also offering modest discounts on a pair of awesome collector’s box sets. 4K Blu-ray versions of the first three John Wick movies are available as part of this deal, packaged in a slick box that emulates the tome John “checks out” from the library in the opening moments of John Wick 2. The collection is typically priced at $79.99, but you can pick it up from Best Buy for $73.99.

The Ultimate Steelbook Collection of The Hunger Games is also on sale for $78.99 at Best Buy (was $89.99). The collection of double-sided Steelbook cases feature unique artwork of Katniss on one side, while the opposite side forms a composite map of the districts of Panem.

Whenever anyone questions why I’m proud to be part of a union, I simply reply with “Apes Together Strong”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d recommend picking up the 4K Blu-ray box set of the Planet of the Apes trilogy from Amazon for $29.73 (was $44.99). This trilogy is an excellent, modernized retelling of the sci-fi classic, and arguably one of Andy Serkis’ best performances.

Finally, you can find Blu-rays of nearly the entire Studio Ghibli catalog discounted at Amazon. With the exception of Hayao Miyazaki’s most recent animated film, The Boy and the Heron, many of the classic titles are available in minimalist Steelbook cases. If you’re unfamiliar with the house of Miyazaki, we’ve picked out a handful of the more accessible titles to check out, including My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

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