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Where to pre-order MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor

The new, mystery filled MTG expansion launches Feb. 9

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Art from the Murders at Karlov Manor set for Magic: The Gathering Image: Wizards of the Coast
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The next two sets for Magic: The Gathering take on the flavor of a classic murder mystery with Murders at Karlov Manor launching on Feb. 9, and Ravnica: Clue Edition launching February 23. The sets are very deliberately inspired by the latest edition of the popular board game, Clue, which features more than a few glammed-up murderers to thirst over. Of course, in classic Magic style, these sets will instead feature several well-appointed astral sleuths as they attempt to unravel an unfortunate incident that took place on the titular Karlov estate.

The launch for Murders at Karlov Manor begins with pre-release weekend on Feb. 2, and will have all of the standard products available to pre-order in advance of its launch. — except for Draft boosters, which will be replaced by the newly designed Play Boosters. We’ve rounded up all of the available formats below along with where you can pre-order them, in addition to their contents.

Murders at Karlov Manor Bundle

The Murders at Karlov Manor bundle features a themed storage box, nine Set Booster Packs, 40 basic lands, and an oversized spindown life counter. Currently, you can pre-order this bundle to jumpstart your collection from Amazon.

Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box

Like other booster boxes for MTG, the Play Booster Box for Murders at Karlov Manor will feature 36 packs of 14 cards from the new expansion in addition to a single card showcasing a full-size print of art from the set. Each pack can potentially include multiple rare or mythic rare cards, with a guaranteed foil card.

Murders at Karlov Manor Collector’s Boosters

The Collector’s Booster box features 12 Collector’s Booster packs, which can include multiple mythic rare cards, in addition to exclusive art and foil cards from the new set.

Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Decks

Four Commander Decks themed around some of the investigators featured in the narrative for Murders at Karlov Manor are also available to pre-order from Amazon for roughly $40 each. Each pre-made deck features a curated collection of 100 cards which include a pair of legendary rainbow foil cards and a pair of random Collector’s Booster cards, and a life-tracker die.

Ravnica: Clue Edition

If you need further proof of the inspiration for Murders at Karlov Manor, look no further than cards such as Legendary Creature Senator Peacock, the Lead Pipe Artifact, or the Dining Room land.

Stock photos of three cards from the Ravnica Clue set for Magic: The Gathering Image: Wizards of the Coast

These cards, which add Clue-themed mechanics to the game will be available exclusively through Ravnica: Clue Edition, a themed booster box available starting Feb. 23 that includes eight Magic boosters and is guaranteed to include at least one Shock Land card. We’ve recently added a pre-order link for this one.

Update (Jan. 16): We’ve added a pre-order link for Ravnica: Clue Edition. Also, prices for many of the Murders at Karlov Manor series are discounted ahead of launch.

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