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Get Tie Fighter and 25 more classic Star Wars games on Steam for just $76

The vast collection includes bangers like Knights of the Old Republic and Empire at War

Gif: Lucasarts
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If you’ve already wrapped up your second run of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and you’re bored waiting for the next season of Andor to drop, you might want to check out the deal happening on the Star Wars Complete Collection. This compilation of 26 classic Star Wars games from the Lucasarts era (plus some newer games) is a $293 value, but you can add all of them to your Steam library for just $76. These discounts will last through Jan. 4, 2024.

While titles like Rebel Assault and the original Rogue Squadron are among the collection’s most dated entries, modding communities have kept games like Dark Forces and Tie Fighter relevant in the modern era. In fact, 2006’s Star Wars Empire at War just received an official update last month that made it playable on modern systems. You’ll also find a long list of certified classics included, like Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Outcast, and Galactic Battlegrounds.

Alternatively, you can purchase individual titles for as little as $2 during Steam’s Winter Sale. While we think you should give all of these games a try, here’s a curated short list of some essentials we think you should buy.

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