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The Xbox controller gets yet another irresistible wave of new colors

The ‘Vapor Collection’ is part of Xbox Design Lab, meaning the color combos are plentiful

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A stock image featuring three people holding the new Xbox wireless controllers Image: Microsoft
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Xbox is expanding its wireless controller lineup with six dreamy color options. Dubbed the “Vapor Collection,” these new designs live within the Xbox Design Lab, a site that lets you customize the controller of your dreams. While Microsoft has offered metallic finishes and camouflage prints for its controllers before, this lineup of hazy new colors have instantly become one of my favorites.

This series expands on the blue-colored Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition controller that debuted in August 2023. The Xbox Design Lab now offers this cool color alongside new smoky green, grey, pink, purple, and orange top plates for an additional $9.99 fee (costing $79.98 each), joining the 33 existing colors and designs. Unfortunately, the new colors are only available as top plates, so the vapor effect doesn’t extend to the thumbsticks, or to other components on your controller.

A stock image featuring six of the new vapor colorways for the Xbox Wireless Controller Image: Microsoft

If you’d prefer to skip the customization process, and save a bit of cash compared to building your own, Xbox is offering the pink Dream Vapor special edition controller as a standalone $69.99 purchase. You can pre-order one now from the Microsoft Store ahead of its Feb. 6 launch.

The blue Stormcloud Vapor special edition controller, however, is available right now for $59.99. While the rest of the Vapor Collection may eventually get their own special edition controllers, the best way to bring one of these slick new designs home for now is to head over to the Xbox Design Lab.

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