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A limited edition Godzilla Minus One poster has arrived at Mondo

Illustrator Tony Stella provides a fitting portrait for the ‘King of the Monsters’

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A teaser image for the Godzilla Minus One Poster by Tony Stella Illustration: Tony Stella
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Godzilla Minus One is a modern masterpiece of the kaiju film subgenre, and it deserves an appropriately epic poster while we wait for the film to land on digital and disc. Thankfully, Mondo and artist Tony Stella agree. While the posters for the movie’s theatrical and subsequent monochrome release were admittedly great, this limited edition poster available for purchase this week only at Mondo is even better.

An image of the Godzilla Minus One movie poster illustrated by Tony Stella Image: Tony Stella / Mondo

Stella’s illustration puts Toho’s most ruthless Godzilla yet front and center, framed by a fiery orange glow and a destroyed cityscape. The top of the illustration is accented with the Japanese version of the film’s tagline “Japan after the war. From zero to negative”, while the Godzilla Minus One logo at the bottom is rendered in stark white.

Each $79.99 poster measures 24 x 36 inches, and is now available to purchase. Mondo tells Polygon that anyone who buys a poster between Feb. 8 and Feb. 12 is guaranteed to get one. The rest of the limited run will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stella has made a career out of adapting movie posters and film box art with a masterful combination of hand-painted illustrations and digital typeface. Stella’s portfolio ranges from posters of classics like Blade Runner and Seven Samurai to more contemporary blockbusters, like Napoleon, Ford v. Ferrari, and now Godzilla Minus One.

Update (Feb. 8): We changed some of the text of this post to reflect that the poster is now available.

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