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Polygon’s favorite picks for your car

Trick out your ride with our top automotive accessories

Graphic: Alice Jovanee/Polygon | Source images: Amazon, Microsoft, Govee, Etsy [a combination of original artwork with multiple third-party assets]

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You deserve to have a car that’s as cool as you are, regardless of whether you’re mostly commuting, running errands, or just shuttling family around. If you’re looking for some creative ways to give your ride a little more personality, we’ve asked the Polygon staff for their favorite accessories and other helpful automotive novelties to share with you. Each month, we’ll publish a new assortment of goodies in a different category, all vetted by Polygon staff members.

We’ve pulled together some suggestions to keep your ride tidy, or better prepare you for your next excursion. Wherever you drive your car, our collection of accessories will help you get where you’re going with more panache.

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Polygon Picks

The Polygon Picks badge is awarded to each of these special products, as we believe they can better our readers’ lives. Through a mix of research and testing of the market’s wide array of offerings, we’ve singled out these Picks as being exemplary and worthy of your consideration. These are the things we like and we hope you will, too.

Cordless Tire Pump, $49.99

You never know when you'll need more air in your tires. That's why having a cordless air compressor when and where you need it is priceless. This one can provide up to 150 PSI of pressure to top off your car's tires, or to inflate other items with its included attachments. It can even charge your phone thanks to its handy USB port and 28,000 mAh battery.

Ken Gear Shift Hoodie, $14.99

Whether you drive an automatic or manual, this adorable, Barbie-inspired hoodie for your car's gear shifter will let your vehicle know that it's always "Kenough."

Anker USB-C Charger, $16.99

Turn that 120 V car adapter into a charging station for your USB-C devices. With this two-port charger from Anker, you can charge a wide variety of devices, like your phone, tablet, Steam Deck, or Nintendo Switch.

LED Cup Holder Lights, $11.99

These rechargeable silicone LED pucks fit snugly in most cup holders, filling them with a variety of colors and lighting modes. This subtle splash of accent lighting can make it easier to find your beverage, too.

Millenium Falcon Window Shade, $16.99

During the toasty summer months, having a window shade is a good idea. This reflective and insulated shade will keep your car's interior from getting hotter than the sands of Tatooine, while looking cooler than a smuggler in carbonite.

iOttie Universal Phone Mount, $26.95

Unless you've got a co-pilot with remarkably strong arms, you'll want to invest in a phone mount for your car. This model from iOttie provides a stable platform for virtually any phone and can be easily mounted to your dash or windshield.

Forza Motorsport Liscence Plate frames, $24.99

Your ol' car may not be all that fancy, but with this official Forza Motorsport license plate frame, you can at least pretend it's a race car.

Smuggler's Dice, $24.99

Any car can get a little better with this replica of Han Solo's Sabacc dice. This pair of stainless steel chance cubes are held together with a 10-inch chain, letting you hang them from your rearview mirror for good luck during your travels.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, $9.99

Analog tire pressure gauges are reliable, except in the dark. For something that works 'round the clock, pick up one of these digital pressure gauges equipped with a screen and nozzle light.

Car Jump Starter, $124.95

Something that belongs in every driver's trunk is this rechargeable jump starter. In case your ride isn't starting, connect this 1000 Amp battery to your car battery's positive and negative terminals, which is easy to do thanks to its built-in flashlight.

Soot Sprites, $9.99

As you may already know, your car's interior is a dust magnet. So why not lean into it with this adorable collection of sticky Soot Sprites from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away? Adorn your dash, rear-view mirror, or wherever else to add a little character to your ride.

Sticky Car Gak, $9.99

This neon-colored goop might not seem like the remedy to the mess in your car's interior. But trust us, it's the key to quickly removing crumbs, dust, hair, and other grime from the nooks and crannies of your car.

Button and Knob Covers, $19.99

Have you ever wanted to add more buttons and knobs to your car's dash? This collection of aluminum covers is purely aesthetic, but even one can add a lot of personality to your ride.

Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover, $12.99

With these seat belt covers installed, every one of your passengers can feel like the galaxy's greatest co-pilot, Chewbacca himself. The furry cover uses a velcro enclosure, and unlike Chewbacca, it is machine washable.

National Parks Pass, $80

Embrace the freedom that comes with owning a car by paying a visit to any of the great national parks in the U.S. Each annual pass lets you and up to three other adults in a single vehicle into over 2,000 parks and reserves across the United States.

Switch Headrest Mount, $21.99

If you're a back-seat passenger, give your neck a rest by setting up your display of choice on this handy headrest mount. It can rotate and expand to support displays up to 12.9 inches in size.

D20 Seat Covers, $69.89

These D20 seat covers might be a critical success with D&D fans. Made from stretchy, machine-washable fabric, these patterned seat covers are a great option to personalize your ride and keep the cracks between your seats free of debris.

Govee LED car lights, $16.99

This lighting kit from Govee lets you add RGB lighting to your car's interior. It includes four light strips, which are powered by your car's 120 V adapter. Each strip can be controlled via the Govee app, or through the included key fob.

Fraiser Fir Air Freshener, $21

An air freshener is an inexpensive way to make the inside of your car smell more like the outside of your car. In the case of this particular freshener, you'll catch pleasing whiffs of Siberian fir trees.

Mummy Bumper Sticker, $10

Finally, a bumper sticker everyone can get behind! This weatherproof vinyl sticker is the perfect way to proudly display your unwavering loyalty to one of the best movies of the late '90s.

Tactical Car Seat organizer, $67.99

With the abundance of zippered compartments provided by this tactical car seat organizer, which attaches to the back of a car seat, you can be prepared for anything your travels throw at you.

Totoro Car Decal, $7.95

Unless you drive the multipedal Catbus, your ride probably can't fit Totoro. But thanks to this collection of cute vinyl stickers, Totoro and his troupe of mischievious forest friends can go wherever your next adventure takes you.

Iridescent Steering Wheel Cover, $16.99

If you're looking for an accessory that'll boost your car's looks, we recommend this iridescent cover that can fit snugly over the steering wheel in most cars. It won't make you a better driver, but it should keep your wheel from getting too hot to handle, or too cold to hold.

Darth Vader Car Mats, $39.99

There's something oddly satisfying about showing the dark lord of the Sith the bottom of your boot. This pair of hefty rubber car mats are a great way to keep your car floor free of dirt, snow, and most importantly, sand.

Keysmart Keychain, $29.99

If your keychain is carrying enough metal to qualify as a medieval weapon, it might be time to consider the Keysmart keychain. This clever device holds up to eight keys and keeps their pointy bits safely tucked away until you need them.

LED Road Flares, $29.99

Unless your name is Alan Wake, there's no reason to keep a box of combustible road flares in your car. For a safer, more modern version, get these AAA battery-powered strobing pucks. They can help you safely mark your vehicle when it's pulled over or flag down help without the fire hazard.

Fanatik Car Vaccuum, $95.98

Having a dedicated car vacuum is real game-changer when it comes to keeping your ride tidy. This model from Fanatik can recharge via USB-C, comes packaged with a number of attachments, and is slim enough to stow in a cup holder.

Trash Can, $5.99

Giving your garbage a designated resting place is the first (and perhaps final) step in keeping your car clean. This slim garbage container is small enough to fit neatly into most cup holders and is dishwasher safe, and the spring-loaded lid ensures that when garbage checks in, it never checks out.