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Death Stranding guide: How to repair and fix vehicles

Fix your ride’s durability

Death Stranding repair reverse trike vehicle Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

After you’ve made several deliveries on foot, Death Stranding will offer up the ability to use vehicles. One of the first ones you get is the reverse trike, much like the one you lose at the very beginning of the game.

Between running through the bumpy landscape of Death Stranding and getting caught in some timefall rain, you’ll eventually have a battered bike. But how do you fix it, restore its durability, and get it running like new?

Unfortunately, you can’t fix it with repair spray, so how do you fix vehicles? The answer is simple but not entirely obvious.

How to repair vehicles in Death Stranding

To get any vehicle running like new again, go to any distribution center in the game with an elevator — and therefore, a garage.

Park your vehicle — either one you made or one you found and drove back — on the circular elevator. From here you have two options.

Send a vehicle to the garage

Get off of your vehicle, and head to the nearby delivery terminal. Select Garage from the terminal menu, and you’ll see your vehicle in listed under Elevator in that menu. Hit the X button, select Store Vehicle, and your vehicle will descend into the garage.

At that point, you can immediately retrieve your vehicle from the garage menu, and it will rise again, good as new.

Enter your private room

Alternatively, you can enter your private room either by standing next to your ride and holding the circle button or by selecting, Rest in your private room from the nearby terminal.

Either way, once you descend the elevator, Sam and his vehicle will enter the complex. Before retreating to his room, you’ll see a cutscene of Sam dropping off his ride in a room filled with machinery that will recharge the vehicles batteries and repair it.

Once you head back out o your private room, you’ll emerge back in the distribution center with your ride restored to its former glory.

It should be noted that this can be done with any vehicle, even ones you find out in the open world left by other players.

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