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Death Stranding guide: How to fast travel

Hop, skip, and jump to anywhere with a room

Norman Reedus floating in Death Stranding Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Most your time in Death Stranding involves traveling alone. Whether that’s on foot or eventually on a vehicle like the one you lose right at the beginning of the game, it’s almost always slow going.

What if you want to return to a distribution center you’ve been to before, but it’s hundreds of meters away? You could run or ride all the way back — or you might want to warp there instantly. You can fast travel in Death Stranding, but explaining how to do so involves some light spoilers, and we’ll discuss it after the image below.

Death Stranding spoiler image vertical Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

How to fast travel

In Episode 3, your fellow porter Fragile will explain the finer details of her abilities. Key among them is the ability to use her connection to her Beach to travel great distances in a snap. In fact, that neat looking umbrella that she carries isn’t just to protect her from timefall, but it’s sort of a compass that she uses to teleport.

Eventually, she leave her umbrella in your private room so you can call upon her services. Select the umbrella in your private room to fast travel to any previous distribution center you’ve been to with a private room or any safe house you or another player has constructed.

Fast traveling is great if you want to revisit some older areas, increase your connection with other characters by doing more deliveries for them, or if you’re hunting for memory cards.

Fast travel limitations

When you fast travel, you can’t bring any of your items or vehicles. So if you’re in the middle of a delivery, don’t fast travel, or else you’ll wind up elsewhere with nothing except your bridge baby. If you do fast travel from a location with items on you, they will move in the private locker at that location. You can retrieve them only from the delivery terminal at that location.

Other than leaving behind all your items, there’s no penalty or setback for fast traveling.