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Death Stranding guide: Signs that give benefits

Some signs are more than just signs

Death Stranding’s most useful signs Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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The things that other Sams build will occasionally show up in your Death Stranding game. Items like bridges and ladders are pragmatically useful. Signs, on the other hand, are mostly for sharing information.

But there are five signs that give a temporary bonus to other porters. Let’s talk about those signs and the bonuses they grant.

Best signs

Death Stranding create sign menu
Some signs grant a bonus, unlike the Pee Ban.
Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The five signs that give a bonus are on the Other tab — the one with a smiley face — of your Create Signs menu. The top row of the menu are the five that we’re focused on — the rest don’t do anything except convey information.

Death Stranding signs and their benefits

Sign Effect
Sign Effect
Keep On Keeping On Stamina restored
Don't Give Up! Stamina restored
Good Work, BB! BB looks happy, Like(s) received from BB
Likers Get Liked Gives an automatic like, and you receive a like
Speed Up Speed boost

The first two — the cheerleader and the raised fist — completely restore Sam’s stamina. The BB in a heart makes BB happier, and Sam gets likes from BB. The two chevrons give a speed boost to a vehicle that droves over it (just like every racing game ever).

There are some limitations to using signs, though:

  • You can’t get any benefits from your own signs. Your signs only benefit (and get likes from) other players.
  • You get the benefit of a sign once, and then there’s a lengthy cooldown before you can use it again. This works like awarding Likes to something.

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