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Death Stranding guide: Entrusting cargo

Should you let other players do your work for you?

Death Stranding entrusting cargo guide Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Much of what you need to do in Death Stranding involves taking critical cargo from one destination to another. While those trips are unavoidable if you want to move the plot forward, you also have the option to take on dozens of standard orders, which help you raise your connection level with other facilities and earn items. Maxing out our relationship with characters will give you access to the best tools in the game.

To do that, you have to make a lot of deliveries on your own. But to help save time, Death Stranding also allows you to entrust your deliveries to other players. If those players pick up your cargo and bring it to its destination, you both benefit, giving you a passive way of boosting connection levels with various facilities.

But is entrusting your cargo in Death Stranding worth it? We’ll tell you in this guide.

How to entrust cargo to other players

To entrust cargo to other players, you must first have cargo to drop off at a facility. To do that, first take on any standard order and retrieve your cargo for delivery.

An explanation of how to entrust cargo in Death Stranding Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Then at a facility’s menu, choose the Entrust Cargo for Delivery option. Doing so will offload that cargo to that specific facility. Once in its share locker, other players can access this cargo, pick it up, and deliver it to another facility or to its final destination. Each player who has a hand in moving that piece of cargo will receive likes when that cargo finally reaches its destination.

You can deliver lost cargo that you find throughout the open world, or you can put cargo into the entrusted cargo delivery system if you drop it off at a facility other than its destination. Even if you don’t drop off a piece a cargo at its final destination, you will still earn a few likes just by dropping it off at any facility. Every bit of cooperation counts.

The entrusting cargo system isn’t guaranteed however. While the game doesn’t specify the exact timeframe, if you entrust cargo and it does not get delivered, the order will be cancelled.

Either way, entrusting cargo is effectively cooperative multitasking. If you want to increase your connection level with a certain facility, but you don’t have the time to make a full delivery, you can always make a partial delivery and hope that other players will finish the job. The process benefits both players when a delivery is finished, but only if the delivery actually happens.

So is entrusting cargo worth it? If you want to ensure your are quickly increasing your connection level with a certain facility, make the full deliveries yourself. If you would rather passively have likes roll in while you move through the story, then entrust your standard orders and let your fellow players give you a hand. Just make sure to pay it forward and finish off some deliveries for them, too.

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