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Death Stranding guide: How to use private lockers

Keeping things for yourself

Death Stranding lost cargo guide Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Death Stranding is all about inventory management. Often you’ll spend time figuring out which orders to take on and how to carry all your cargo to its destination.

However sometimes you just won’t be able to get everything where it needs to go at once. Or you may want to securely leave certain items, lost cargo, or gear elsewhere while you handle something else. Thankfully, you can store whatever you like in private lockers throughout Death Stranding’s world. Unlike shared lockers, anything you store in a private lockers is yours and yours alone.

Before you put anything in a private locker in Death Stranding, let’s answer a few questions you might have.

Private lockers FAQ

What can I store in a private locker?

If Sam can carry it on his back, it can go in a private locker. That includes weapons, items, resources, and even mission critical cargo.

Where can I find private lockers?

Any main facility like a town or distribution center will have a private locker, and so will outposts with NPC characters once you reach a certain level with them. You can access it from the delivery terminal menu.

Constducting a postbox with a private locker in Death Stranding
Create a postbox, and you’ll get a private locker
Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

You can also craft a postbox via a PCC (Lv. 1). Once placed in the world, that portable locker will act as a share locker for you and any players who encounter it. It will also be contain a private locker for you.

Can other players take items from my private locker?

No. Even though any place that has a private locker also has an online share locker, everything that you place in your private locker only exists in your game and in that specific private locker. You can move items between the lockers, but once an item is a private locker, it’s yours only.

Can I access private locker items anywhere I want?

No. Private lockers store those items at that discrete location. So if you’re using private lockers to offload resources or critical cargo, you have to remember where you left it since it will stay at that private locker.

Death Stranding’s map’s view contents of private locker option Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

You can see what you’ve stored in a private locker from your map. Hover over the location or item with the private locker, and press the X button to view stored cargo.

If I drop an item and it becomes lost, will it show up in my private locker?

No. Once an item of yours becomes lost, it gets transported to a shared locker in another player’s game. If you lost a critical mission piece of cargo, you’ll have to cancel the mission and pick it up again or return the item to its original location and pick it up again back at the item’s origin point. To do that, head to the orders menu, select the order with the missing item, and follow the prompts to reset the delivery.