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Deathloop guide: Trinkets

The best Trinkets to upgrade Colt and his weapons

Deathloop Trinkets guide Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Deathloop’s Trinkets are a way to upgrade Colt and his weapons. In this Deathloop guide, we’ll list every Trinket (that we’ve found so far), and give some recommendations for the best Trinkets.

Trinkets, explained

Deathloop’s Trinkets are buffs that improve or upgrade either Colt or his weapons. Think of them like gems in other video games. You find them, you equip them, and you gain their powers.

Colt can have up to four Character Trinkets at any time, offering him buffs like increased damage from behind, and reduced damage from falling.

Weapon Trinkets are a little more complicated. The number of Trinkets a weapon can have depends on its rarity. A green (Crude) weapon has one Trinket slot, blue (Sleek) weapons have two, and purple (Exemplar) and gold (unique) weapons have three.

Trinkets also have quality — Crude, Sleek, and Exemplar. The better the quality, the stronger the Trinket’s effect.

Weapon Trinkets

We’ve listed all the Weapon Trinkets we’ve found in the table below. We will update this list as we find more.

Deathloop Weapon Trinkets

Name Description Type
Name Description Type
Big Box Larger magazines Ammo
Crack Shot Aiming takes less time Accuracy
Hailfire Increased rate of fire Damage
Hipster Increased accuracy from hip Accuracy
Lightning Strike Increased full-damage range Damage
Mind Leech Deal damage and drain power Damage
Mobile Marksman Move faster while aiming Aiming
Perforator Bullets punch through enemies Damage
Quick Draw Switch weapons faster General
Shock Absorber Reduced recoil Accuracy
Speedloader Faster reload Reload
Stopping Power Damaging enemies slows health regeneration Damage
Straight Shooter Aimed shot accuracy increased Accuracy
Sure Shot Increased accuracy range Accuracy

Best Weapon Trinkets

The best weapon Trinket depends on the weapon you’re using. Vopat Trencher shotguns and Rapier sniper rifles basically require a Speedloader Trinket to be useful since they take so long to reload.

More generally, though, increased accuracy and range are always good. That makes the Lightning Strike, Shock Absorber, and Sure Shot Trinkets safe bets every time.

Character Trinkets

Character Trinkets give Colt a buff. Since you don’t have stats in Deathloop, this is the best (and only) way to increase your health or power. Mix and match your Trinkets to deal with challenges as they arise.

Deathloop Character Trinkets

Name Description Type
Name Description Type
Backstabber Increased damage from behind Damage
Bloodthirsty Brawler Recover health during melee Melee
Cat Fall Reduced damage from falling Movement
Comeback Kid Regenerate health Health
Creeping Death No noise when moving Stealth
Deep Pockets Carry more ammunition Weapons
Double Trouble Increased accuracy when dual-wielding Weapons
Golden Harvest Harvest more Residuum from sources Residuum
Hard Headed Reduced damage from headshots Defense
Juiced Up Maximum power increased Power
Last Stand Deal increased damage when health is low Damage
Master Hacker Hack faster Hacking
Mechanical Affinity Friendly turrets are stronger Hacking
Never Say Die Maximum health increased Health
Party Time Take less damage when people are near Defense
Personal Touch Melee assassinations are quicker Melee
Pistolero Increased damage when dual-wielding Weapons
Plasma Power Power draws from health Power
Remote Overload Hackamajig can detonate devices Hacking
Renewable Faster power regeneration Power
Scavenger's Luck Loot more ammunition Weapons
Silver Lining Bullets that hit you get added to ammo Weapons
Slick Slide Slide farther Movement
Slow Fuse Enemy explosives take longer to explode Defense
Spring Heeled Double-jump Movement
Sprinter Move faster when sprinting Movement
Stab N Grab Melee kills grant ammo Melee
Steel Lungs Gas exposure heals you Health
Stone Wall Receive and inflict less damage Damage
Swift Stitch Regenerate health Health
Turtle Shell Reduced damage taken Defense
Unstoppable Force Sprinting into enemeis damages them Movement

Best Character Trinkets

Hands down, the best Character Trinket is Spring Heeled. Adding a double-jump makes moving around much, much easier.

Since Colt isn’t exactly tough and a few bullets will take him thdown, the Hard Headed and Turtle Shell Trinkets are always good to have.

We constantly use our Slab Powers, so we always have Renewable equipped, too.

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