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Deathloop guide: Visionaries and Lead order

Every Visionary, their Slabs and Leads, and a suggested order through them

Deathloop guide: Visionaries and Lead order Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Deathloop’s eight Visionaries are your assassination targets. Over the course of the game, you’ll learn their secrets, steal their paranormal Slabs and special weapons, and murder them many, many times.

In this Deathloop Visionaries guide, we’ll introduce you to all eight Visionaries, link you to walkthroughs of their dedicated missions (Visionary Leads), talk about the Slabs and weapons they drop when killed, and give you our suggested order through them.

Suggested world order

We’ll introduce the Visionaries below in the order we suggest you tackle them.

While completing the Visionary Leads, you’ve got several goals — learn more about the Visionaries, pick up their Slabs and weapons, and find the most efficient way to kill them.

The order we suggest is:

  1. Dr. Wenjie Evans
  2. Harriet Morse
  3. Charlie Montague
  4. Fia Zborowska
  5. Dr. Wenjie Evans (again)
  6. Egor Serling
  7. Frank Spicer
  8. Aleksis Dorsey
  9. Julianna

Dr. Wenjie Evans

Visionary Lead: “Ubiquity” in The Complex (morning)
Slab: none

You don’t have a choice in taking on Wenjie first. Killing her lets you learn to Infuse Slabs, weapons, and Trinkets to make them permanent parts of your Loadout.

Harriet Morse

Visionary Lead: “Chaos Theory” in Karl’s Bay (morning)
Slab: Nexus Slab (links multiple enemies together)
Weapon: Exemplar (purple) Fourpounders

We suggest assassinating Harriet next because her Nexus Slab is invaluable. “Chaos Theory” is a great introduction to Deathloop’s concepts and ways you’ll deal with every Visionary from here on out.

Charlie Montague

Visionary Lead: “Space Invader” in Updaam (noon)
Slab: Shift Slab (short-range teleportation)
Weapon: Exemplar (purple) Strelak 50-50

Harriet’s Nexus Slab makes fighting your way through Charlie’s Condition Detachment LARP session much easier. Charlie’s Shift Slab is the next most useful Slab in Deathloop, opening up a lot of new navigation paths.

Charlie’s bedroom contains the information we need to chase down Fia.

Fia Zborowska

Visionary Lead: “Afternoon Delight” in Fristad Rock (noon)
Slab: Havoc Slab (increased damage)
Weapon: Examplar (purple) MG-1 Pepper Mill

With the information we learned from killing Charlie, we’ll know how to find and deal with Fia. Along the way, you’ll pick up Fia’s Havoc Slab that both decreases the damage you take, and increases the damage you deal.

The end of “Afternoon Delight” teaches us how to kill both Fia and Charlie at the same time. We also learn a little more about Wenjie.

Dr. Wenjie Evans (again)

Visionary Lead: “What Wenjies Want” in The Complex (afternoon)
Slab: None

Charlie’s “Space Invader” Visionary Lead and Fia’s “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead give you information you need to pry a little deeper into Wenjie.

This “What Wenjies Want” Visionary Lead results in you moving her from her lab to Aleksis’s party in the evening — meaning you can kill two Visionaries at once.

Egor Serling

Lead: “Lost in Transmission” in The Complex in the evening
Slab: Aether Slab (temporary invisibility)
Weapon: Exemplar (purple) Rapier

Egor’s Aether Slab allows you to become temporarily invisible — to both enemies and laser mines. For taking on Egor, Fia’s Havoc Slab is a great way to deal with his sniper rifle.

Over the course of “Lost in Transmission,” you’ll also learn how to get him to attend Aleksis’s party in the evening. You’ll find him hanging out with Wenjie, actually, meaning we can kill three Visionaries there.

Frank Spicer

Visionary Lead: “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” in Fristad Rock (morning)
Slab: None
Weapon: Constancy Automatic (gold) machine gun

Egor’s Aether Slab is a great way to deal with the extensive security measures inside Frank’s club. While inside, killing Frank gets you his Constancy Automatic machine gun.

You’ll also learn about a way to sabotage Frank’s fireworks display to take him out without needing to pull the trigger.

Aleksis Dorsey

Visionary Lead: “Devouring of the Lambs” in Updaam in the evening
Slab: Karnesis Slab (telekinesis)
Weapon: Exemplar (purple) LIMP-10

Everything you’ve done so far has been moving people to Aleksis’s party, but we haven’t figured out how to kill Aleksis yet. The “Devouring of the Lambs” Lead teaches us that.

It’s also good practice for taking out the other attendees at the party — Wenjie and Egor. The party is also where you’ll hear (and see) the payoff for sabotaging Frank’s fireworks. That means you can take out four Visionaries at once during Aleksis’s party.


Visionary Lead: “Radio Silence” in The Complex (morning)
Slab: None

The final Visionary Lead before you put everything into practice is focused on Julianna and the island of Blackreef. You’ll do a lot of traveling and looping, but you’ll end with all of the information and steps you need to break the loop.

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