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Ending It (All) Visionary Lead – Deathloop walkthrough and tips

Kill every Visionary and break the loop once and for all

Ending It (All) Visionary Lead – Deathloop walkthrough and tips Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

It’s time to put everything we’ve learned in Deathloop into practice and kill every Visionary within one Loop. We’re at the end of the game.

Our Deathloop “Ending It” walkthrough will help you navigate the island and the day to kill all of the Visionaries. We’ll guide you through your Loadout, and then walk you through the sabotage Frank’s fireworks, kill Harriet, ruin Egor’s experiment, kill the love birds, crash a party – kill everyone, launch the rocket, and end Julianna steps of this Visionary Lead.

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This Lead will take you across all four time periods all over Blackreef island. You’ll have four opportunities to change up your loadout, so you’re free to play around. You’ll also be repeating steps you’ve already taken, so consider the loadouts that worked best for you previously.

Ending It

I just need to kill eight motherfuckers in one day … and we’re free.

Our Deathloop guides aren’t the only path through this Lead. You can take whatever path you want with as much stealth or combat as you see fit. Our guide focuses on the path(s) that lead to every clue and Lead, letting you pick up any useful weapons along the way, and generally avoiding combat.

For this Lead, we’re going to use everything we’ve learned to kill all eight Visionaries within one loop.

Sabotage Frank’s Fireworks and Frank in Flames

With a little fireworks sabotage, Frank will be history. The key code is ----.


Frank’s fireworks are ready for the big show. He won’t know what hit him.

Before you head inside to kill Harriet in Karl’s Bay in the morning, go to the back of Hangar 2 and into the Otto’s Workshop container. Choose to jam the rain flaps on the fireworks like we learned in “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank.”

Kill Harriet and Harriet’s Day of Peace

Harriet is following Protocol and must be killed in the morning.


Harriet wanted to play it safe. She never got the chance.

We can’t do anything to move Harriet around in time or space, so we’ll have to take her out the same way we did during “Chaos Theory."

Ruin Egor’s Experiment and Egor’s Sad Science

Shutting down device ---- will ruin Egor’s experiment. He’ll go sulk at Aleksis’ party.


No experiment, no scientific breakthrough, no reason for Egor not to drown his disappointment with Aleksis.

To get Egor to the party, we have to shut down his control panel like we did in “Lost in Transmission.” Head to The Complex at noon, and use a nullifier to reveal the control panel.

Kill the Love Birds and Together Forever

Fia and Charlie have a secret “meeting” on Fristad Rock. To enter I’ll need tape sequence ----.


Love hurts, but whatever Charlie and Fia had going kills.

We found our way into Charlie and Fia’s love nest at the end of “Afternoon Delight.” Head to Fristad Rock in the afternoon and eliminate the pair.

Don’t worry about getting fancy and flooding the pumping station. Just link the two of them together with Nexus and shoot one in the head.

Crash a party – Kill Everyone and Final Countdown

Both Wenjie and Egor have gone to Aleksis’ party. The three of them can be killed together.


I caught up with Egor, Wenjie, and Aleksis at the masquerade. That just leaves Julianna.

We’ve been to Aleksis’ party a couple times at this point — both in “What Wenjies Want” and “Devouring of the Lambs.” Draw out Aleksis with his song (remember that it changes every day), and then find Wenjie and Egor on the roof.

Once all three are dead — and Frank has blown himself up — get to the RAK (not the exit).

Launch the Rocket and What Goes Up

The Rakyetoplan will take me directly to the Stabilizer Core, where Julianna is hiding.


That’s one way to mount a giant metal donut thing that’s altering the fabric of time and reality.

All that’s left is to climb into the Rakyetoplan (rocketplane). It’ll launch and (crash)land automatically.

End Julianna

Killing Julianna should break the Loop. Boom, done.

After a conversation with Julianna, you’ll have a choice to make that will determine which of two endings you see.

Pick up the pistol Julianna offers, and then either pull the trigger or don’t. After the credits, you’ll be able to jump back into the game with all of your gear, and the loop reset to the morning before you completed “Ending It” regardless of which choice you made.

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