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Juliana in Deathloop

Deathloop walkthrough, guides, and tips

Break the Loop

Deathloop is a lot of things — shooter, looter, murder puzzle, time loop mystery, and more. Even after the tutorial level that cleverly introduces Blackreef’s weird rules, it still takes a while to wrap your mind around the time loop. And your success depends on understanding and manipulating those rules.

Polygon’s Deathloop walkthrough and guides are here to help you on every step of your journey to break the loop. We’ve got a beginner’s guide with 10 tips on getting started, along with lists and explainers for weapons, Slabs (Deathloop’s magic powers), and Trinkets.

Our walkthroughs will give you all the information you need to kill your assassination targets, the Visionaries, and claim their Slabs. These missions are called Visionary Leads. They’re in our preferred order in the table of contents up above, or you can use these links (which are also in our order): Ubiquity (Wenjie), Chaos Theory (Harriet) and the Nexus Slab, Space Invader (Charlie) and the Shift Slab, Afternoon Delight (Fia) and the Havoc Slab, What Wenjies Want (Wenjie again), Lost in Transmission (Egor) and the Aether Slab, The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank (Frank), Devouring of the Lambs (Aleksis) and the Karnesis Slab, and Radio Silence (Julianna). We also have a spoiler-filled walkthrough for the game’s final Lead and ending.

We’ve also got guides to some of Deathloop’s harder to find treasures like how to find a Cat Fall Trinket or how to collect a purple-tier Pepper Mill early in the game.