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Deathloop guide: Every Slab and power

Where to find Nexus, Shift, and more abilities from Visionaries

Deathloop guide: Every Slab and power Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Deathloop’s Slabs give you paranormal powers like invisibility or teleportation. You’ll need to kill the Visionaries (or Julianna) multiple times to get all five Slabs and their upgrades.

In Polygon’s Deathloop Slabs guide, we’ll list every Slab, which Visionary you’ll get them from, and talk a little about their upgrades.

Nexus Slab (Harriet)

Visionary: Harriet Morse
Lead: “Chaos Theory” in Karl’s Bay (morning)
Upgrades: Attraction (Nexus projectiles home on enemies), Influence (enemies create new connections), Parasite (gain health when damaging enemies), Protraction (slows power drain),

Harriet’s Nexus Slab lets you link multiple enemies together so they all take the same damage — killing one kills everyone they’re linked to. It’s the best and arguably most powerful Slab in Deathloop.

Shift Slab (Charlie)

Visionary: Charlie Montague
Lead: “Space Invader” in Updaam at noon
Upgrades: Airborne (hover when using in mid-air), Dropkick (kicking during produces sonic boom), Reach (travel farther), Swapper (swap positions with enemy)

Charlie’s Shift Slab gives you a short-range teleportation ability. It’s great for quickly navigating Blackreef — especially for climbing.

Havoc Slab (Fia)

Visionary: Fia Zborowska
Lead: “Afternoon Delight” in Fristad Rock at noon
Upgrades: Backlash (release powerful blast when Havoc ends), Bulwark (getting hit doesn't drain power), Euphoria (the more damage you take, the more damage you deal), Withdrawal (regain power by damaging enemies)

Activating Fia’s Havoc Slab makes you take less damage and deal more. It’s great for when fights get hectic or when you’re facing a tough enemy.

Aether Slab (Egor)

Visionary: Egor Sterling
Lead: “Lost in Transmission” in The Complex in the evening
Upgrades: Erase (killing enemies leaves no trace), Flicker (attacking doesn’t halt Aether), Ghost (doesn’t consume power while stationary), Phase (damage doesn’t deactivate Aether)

Egor’s Aether Slab allows you to become temporarily invisible — to enemies and to laser mines. It’s perfect for avoiding fights, or finding better positions to attack from without alerting your prey.

Karnesis Slab (Aleksis)

Visionary: Aleksis Dorsey
Lead: “Devouring of the Lambs” in Updaam in the evening
Upgrades: Flesh Bomb (enemies explode after landing), Slam (hurls enemies down), Suspension (enemies hover in mid-air), Zone (push multiple enemies)

The Karnesis Slab you claim from Aleksis gives you telekinesis, but you only control bodies. However, that means you get to throw people around with your mind.

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