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Wenjie’s door code – Deathloop walkthrough and tips

Find the code for Wenjie’s Lab door

Deathloop walkthrough Wenjie Complex Afternoon Ubiquity Arsenal Lead Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

In this Deathloop guide, we’ll show you how to find the door code in Wenjie’s Lab.

Codes are just as valuable as loot, guns, or Residuum. That becomes apparent early on because, to access the tunnels that Colt uses to travel from area to area on Blackreef, Colt needs to discover a four-digit code.

They don’t become any less important as the game progresses. In fact, to find some important documents in Wenjie’s Lab that produce leads for Colt to follow up on, you first need to track down a hidden code. The upside is that once you’ve found the code, it will always appear on the keypad, so you can punch it in without scrounging through your notes (and there’s an autofill option, too, so you don’t even need to punch it in). The downside is that these codes are different for each copy of Deathloop, so we can’t just tell you what the code is and have you go punch it in. We need to walk you through the process of finding it.

Wenjie’s Lab door code location

You can gain access to Wenjie’s Lab fairly early on, by following the “Ubiquity” Arsenal Lead (which you must complete to open up the branches to all other Arsenal Leads). Wenjie’s Lab is a series of interconnected buildings by the shore, surrounded by slabs of ice, in The Complex area.

To find it, in the Afternoon, take the left door out of Colt’s tunnels when you first arrive at The Complex and pass through the Loop Control Center (LCC). Once you exit the LCC, you should see a sensor above the door which you can disable with your Hackamajig, and beyond that, Wenjie’s Lab. Pass by the closer green building, and instead enter the blue building to the right. This building also has a sensor that you’ll need to disable and multiple Wenjies who will attack you on sight. Take care of those obstacles and head to the basement where you will find a pair of doors which lead into Wenjie’s private quarters. You’ll need a code to enter, but this is where (and when) you will need to be to enter.

Wenjie’s Lab code location

To find the code, follow the “Space Invader” Visionary Lead chain until you get to “Search the Fristad Shore.” If you study the photograph, you can see that Charlie and Fia are standing by a railing along the water with a plane wing in the background. You can find it near the shore in the Transmission Post area in the Afternoon.

Enter the bunker and have a look inside. Among other documents, you will find the Order of Operations document, which will point you to Karl’s Bay where you should head this Evening.

Karl’s Bay

Once you reach Karl’s Bay, take the left path out of the tunnels, and climb onto the wall ahead of you, which will provide a nice vantage point to watch the two Eternalists blow themselves up with one of Charlie’s gifts. Follow the road to the right, and you’ll come to the Yehrva — the fortune-telling automaton — on your left.

The safe we’re looking for is right inside the door. Open it and grab the Aesthetics are Key note — this gives us a code we need for “What Wenjies Want.” That finishes the Space Invader Lead and gives us a bunch of new clues about where to go next. Head for the exit, and make sure to spend any Residuum you have left over. The day will restart once you’re done.

Wenjie’s Lab door code

After finding the code, return to Wenjie’s door in the Afternoon following the route outlined above during “What Wenjies Want.” Punch in the code, and enter Wenjie’s private quarters to find a variety of documents, including “Singularity” audio log on her desk in the back left corner, and four messages on her Minicom that all provide pieces of information, “Notes on Updaam’s Cliffside Facility” document on the white board with the map. There also is plenty of ammo and healing Fiz-Pops.

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